Le Happy Lua P

Photo source: Le Happy | http://glossfashion.com/le-happy/


Jacket ~ Modekungen
Jumper ~ Illustrated People
Blouse ~ Vintage
Leggings/ high waisted pants ~  Shop Market HQ

She calls herself a Peruvian living in LA. Her style sings the torn lyrics of Alice in Chains, the cool-aid dyed hair, burgundy Dr. Martens, and single ear earrings. Lua P of Le Happy has got some classic style with modern accessories. We like Lua P. I mean, look at that studded collar!

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La Vida Romana Accessories

Photo source: La Vida Romana | www.lavidaromana.com

Accessory designer La Vida Romana embodies the edgy gypsy; a first nation cross bohemian style that COT oh so loves. Bones and leather, and feathers that dangle and tiny skulls that jingle with bronze chain links and strong emerald or turquoise eye shadow.  This is the beautiful kind of stuff that makes the warm setting sun of mid summer so very enjoyable. Continue Reading →

Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva are True Creators

Take photographs, sure, but lets do it in such a way that it creates swirling dreams that dance around your minds eye and whispers little secrets into the overwhelming expanse of that which invites drop jaw and stare. NOW we have creation. Now we have tapped into what it is to create and to inspire.

Behold Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva. Possibly some of the most outstanding examples of fashion photography available.

Andrey and Lili create an experience for the viewer. They dissect the landscape and place models into the scene, making what can only be called a romantic dance dream.

The wardrobe choices, the accessories, the makeup. This, it is easy to say, is inspiration.

In this work, Andrey Yakovlev is the photographer, and Lili Aleeva is the art director and MUAH.

Photo source: Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva | Tropicana Unity | http://www.behance.net/gallery/TROPICANA-unity-/4697015

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Please, Just a Black And White Night

This started off as a search for a black and white dress, an elegant dress, one that is fit for beauty queens shimmering through the night with long black silk gloves on sipping from champagne glasses with perfect lipstick impressions planted confidently along the edge of the nights caress.

Then I found Kendra Spears photographed by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer for Vogue Paris, May 2012 and I had to look no further; immediately enchanted I was and whisked off to a romance I had only to don my black rimmed Ray-Bans and pilot my Rolls Royce and precious cargo to the evenings gala.

I love the stockings, not to mention the hair..

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Alexandra Valenti is Up In Smoke

This article started off about fashion in smoke, then quickly turned to a profile of Alexandra Valenti after I looked at her photographs, where I found her smoke work.

Simply beautiful.

There are some artists you look at their work and you see a distance, a disconnect between personality and style. Then, there are other artists who integrate every essence of their body into what they capture with the lens. As an outside viewer, I almost get the feeling that I have just read Alexandra’s secret pages of a notebook she’s tirelessly drawn flowers, hearts, vines, and birds all over.

Oh, and she does it with some amazing style.

Photo source: Alexandra Valenti | http://alexandravalenti.com/

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Men, That’s a Good Tie

The tie is the easiest thing to throw into a guy’s repertoire to get them feeling like a champion. Well, I guess I could argue that a collared shirt is the best thing, but I’m pretty sure it’s the tie. Or perhaps it’s the sleek vest that just fits like it’s been personally tailored.. Perhaps I’m just dreaming about a very light gray [almost white] shirt, perhaps a hint of a pinstripe, with a thin black tie, strapping vest and a blazer. There’s a clean shave, with hair that really defines sharp, and shoes that we just can’t start talking about now.

No, he’s not walking down the street with his blazer slung over his back, he’s a man: holding the door open for an equally smart woman…

[Is this the movies? Some Dick Tracy meets Richard Avedon dream?]

Photo source: unknown


Photo source: Hedi Slimane | LONDON / BRITISH YOUTH 2 / DAZED / JULY 2011 | http://www.hedislimane.com/fashiondiary/index.php?id=121


Photo source: unknown


Photo source: Adrián Cano | Memories Back Home | http://itsadriancano.blogspot.ca/2012/03/memories-back-home.html


Photo source: Yannick K | http://yannicksowhat.blogspot.de/

Photo source: unknown


Photo source: Julia Trotti | Weddings Jess & CLint | http://juliatrottiweddings.com/?p=282


Photo source: Wicked Clothes Shop | Harry Potter Hogwarts House


Photo source: unknown


Photo source: unknown


Photo source: unknown


Photo source: unknown





She Had Flowers In Her Hair

Summer season brings out the gypsy in most people, throwing the long black ball gowns in the closet and pulling out the cut up jeans and sandals, weaving flowers in their hair. We love the summer. We dream about it for the rest of the seasons, for a time when we can run in the sand with bare feet, or lay in the park upon green green grass and laugh the day away with friends.

When the night time comes, how do you keep the summer spirit though? We can hold onto it with loads of bracelets beautifying our wrists, but perhaps we want to get just a little bit different. Perhaps we’ll put some flowers back in our hair?

Photo source: Brazilian Treatment | Karlie Kloss | Mario Testino #photography| Vogue US July 2012


Photo source: Tina Patni, http://www.tinapatni.com


Photo source: Tina Patni, http://www.tinapatni.com


Photo source: Judy Pak, http://www.judypak.com/


Photo source: Laura Ferreira, http://lauraferreira.com/


Photo source: unknown


Photo source: unknownPhoto source: Vogue | March 2010 | Anja Rubik and Nippon


Photo source: Vogue Italia | December 2011 | Karlie Kloss by Steven Meisel


Photo source: Vogue | 1965 | Jean Shrimpton by Bert Stern

Jeans Are Cool

Jeans are cool, when they’re cut up, torn to pieces, sewn on in square patches, cut short enough to make old ladies blush, and wrapped around your head.

Jeans are cool with the sleeveless crop top, jeans are cool with a bikini top, jeans are cool with a wool throw, but for the love of god, JEANS ARE NOT GOOD WITH CROSS-TRAINING SHOES.

Perhaps as a general rule, the cross-trainer should never be worn unless you’re exercising. This is fashion, not practicality.

Back to the scene.

Can you see bare feet with jean cuffs hanging into the sand, big hearts in the sand, wind blowing hair into that messy beach hair?

Photo credit: VOGUE PARIS | Editorial April 2012 | Anja Rubik by Hans Feurer found on Polyvore

Photo credit: VOGUE PARIS | Editorial April 2012 | Anja Rubik by Hans Feurer found on Polyvore

Photo credit: VOGUE PARIS | Editorial April 2012 | Anja Rubik by Hans Feurer found on Polyvore

Photo credit: VOGUE PARIS | Editorial April 2012 | Anja Rubik by Hans Feurer found on Polyvore

Photo source: Little Things Favors, http://blog.littlethingsfavors.com/?attachment_id=1728

Photo source: unknown

Photo source: Melanie Bordas Aubies, http://www.melaniebordasaubies.com

Photo source: unknown

Photo credit: Nirrimi, http://www.theroadishome.com/billabongcampaign-2/

Photo credit: Nirrimi, http://www.theroadishome.com/city-wandering/


The Naked Back: Crystal and Chandeliers

The naked back is about as daring an evening gown can get. The raw edges of a shoulder-blade, the sweet line of the spine, and the tender curves of the latissimus dorsi muscles simply cause eyes to stare and jaws to drop.

Be warned though, an open backs with the bra showing through, unlike the sleeveless crop top, is a waste of the open back. Just let it go. I’d rather see a Motley Crew concert tee than an open back with the bra showing through..

The event is fairly elegant. There are chandeliers and slicked back hair. There are pearls and long black gloves that carry slender bags that shift effortlessly throughout the night. There are long legs and ties that cut through the glare. There are toes so pointy that the meat cutter gets jealous and even then, there is refined edge on everybody’s mind that keeps the red wine flowing through crystal glasses.

And no, this ain’t no high school prom..

Can you picture it?

Photo credits: Georgina Stojiljkovic in Givenchy Haute Couture. Photo by Giulia NoniRussian Vogue June 2011

Photo credits: Etro Fall 2012


Photo credit: unknown

Photo credit: Chanel

Photo credit: Elle UK July 2012 / Alexander McQueen

Photo credit: Jovani (http://www.jovani.com/short-cocktail-dresses/1283-110294)


Photo credits: unknown

Photo credits: unknown

Photo source: unknown



Summer Needs Jingles

Summer is filled with sun. Summer is filled with short shorts and sleeveless crop tops. Summer is filled with big sunglasses and clothes that have leather hanging off of them and strong cocktails sitting on patios soaking the night in with friends and waiting for the sun to go down and acoustic guitars. Summer needs things that go jingle when you speak hand wavy. Summer needs things to get confused with hand bags and summer shawls. You know where I’m going with this: summer needs accessories.

Accessories that sometimes seem to much and can carry hidden packages to share with your friends.

Clearly, I’m a fan of accessories: bracelets, shawls, floppy bags, scarves, rings, and never forget the earings. The ones that jingle and possess an earthy element, welcoming the mother within. Explore the Gypsy. Enjoy leather.

I hope this gives you an idea of where I’m coming from.

Photo Source: Threadsense

Photo source: http://speechlesstrend.tumblr.com/post/16522690696

Photo source: http://birchandwillow.tumblr.com/post/21023107714/wanderlust

Photo credit: http://wiildantlers.tumblr.com/post/18588817912

Photo source: Olivia Wilde

Photo source: Spell & the Gypsy Collective (http://spellsjewellery.blogspot.de/)

Photo source: Spell & the Gypsy Collective (http://spellsjewellery.blogspot.de/)

Photo Credit: Daria Werbowy for Elle, France. 'Wild Spirit' by Cass Bird Styled by Anne-Marie Brouillet

Photo credit: Jewellery: 2 Bandits, Photographer: Zoey Grossman, Stylist: Ashley Glorioso, Model: Liza Yermalovich. Found on: http://www.babyisasinner.com/2012/07/2-bandits.html