Amanda Hamilton Interior Designs

At first I fell in love with the sleek designs produced by Amanda Hamilton Interior Designs, with their strong contrast and bold corners, then I read the bios of the team at AHID. Amanda Hamilton and her tastemaker associate Ashley Dasent are creative, bold, active, seeking, and intelligent women, easily making me feel like entrusting them to altering the landscape of my home.

AHID offers both residential and commercial designing, but today we’re only going to focus on their residential work, as it is truly inspiring. For their commercial work, please head to their portfolio. Continue Reading →

Designer Kara Mann

Kara Mann is a designer based out of Chicago and New York. Her mood is traditional laced with contemporary. Her mood is very old, with solid wood and beautifully simple contours everywhere, which are they controlled with amazing centerpieces.It also seems to be more rich colors. Colors that make you want to inhale deeply through your nose to get the last smell in of the rich furniture before you.

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Cerasa’s Bathrooms

Free Series |


Stumbling across a company by the name of Cerasa from Godega di Sant’Urbano, Italy, we knew immediately that a new direction had been found for COT.

Taken as a direct quote from Cerasa’s website: “Cerasa aims at offering to its own clients not only projects with exclusive and innovative lines, but also destined to last in time as they are built with materials of proven reliability.”

It really does look like they stand by this motto to the very last T.

Cerasa has been around since 1983. This gives them credibility. Cerasa’s portfolio makes them among the worlds greatest bathroom designers and innovators today. Every element has style, has class, has simplicity and functionality built into every nuance of their designs. If you’re [re]designing your bathroom, you WILL benefit from browsing what they have done with it.

Their designs immediately bring to mind other such feats of design that just make sense. The world knows Apples sexy and sleek looking designs automatically. Their simple and elegant look with round edges and nearly seamless layout. Or Volkswagen, with their unrelenting ability to think of every last necessary element of a products design to provide an experience, not just a function.


Suede 2011 Series |


Suede 2011 Series |


Suede 2011 Series |


What really sets these bathrooms apart from the ordinary is the furniture, which is what Cerasa provides. It has a unique touch with very subtle but well defined edges, it has unity, it has a very sexy style.

A few things of particular interest to note.

  • The bars that hang from the ceilings to hang towels on. I wonder if they move on ball joints to ensure they don’t get knocked out of the ceiling?
  • Seats within a bathroom are necessary.
  • Openness creates the impression the space is very large. Say goodbye to full walls and shower curtains.
  • If it’s a tub that’s required, don’t think twice about using a claw-foot tub.


Maori Series |


Suede 2011 Series |


Maori Series |


Maori Series |


Paestum Series |


Play Series |


Slim Series |


Street Series |


Street Series |


York Series |


A bathroom is a place created to allow one enough space to come out of it feeling completely energized, feeling fresh and new. It should have space enough to dry or hang towels and to turn around and not bump into the sink and toilet. It should have floors that resist water damage and adequate space to put down your toothbrush so that you don’t have to store it in your pocket when you rinse your mouth out.

Cerasa does this, and they do it great.