Allowing Your Mind to Feel Free

Accumulating oodles of tasks to do can be fun, inspiring, and motivating all at the same time, but then in an instant, all the life and energy you thought that you had can be drained from your soul leaving you looking at the list and the sunshine outside, and thinking about what social media site you want to check in on and before you know it you’re overwhelmed with this once enthusiastic list of tasks you wish to accomplish that continue to stare at you for days and haunt you in your sleep.

This isn’t good. This is bad.

The secret is to find a balance. To create within yourself first and foremost a drive and a direction that you want to explore, and define it with all the knowledge and motivation that you know and have.

Myself, I write a ‘personal mission statement’ that defines my goals, long and short term ones alike, and breaks down tasks that I must focus on and eliminate from my life in order to more effectively reach and achieve these goals. It works for me. I also keep a white board in my living space where I outline it with key words that remind me what to focus on. I like this, it works.

Once I have this firm understanding, it’s easy for me to know which tasks I should focus on, and which tasks I should remove from my schedule, allowing me to feel free from any burdening tasks that slow me down in the progress of my life.

This helps me in keeping my schedule clear and focused, but what about when I’m on track, but just lack motivation and everything on the list looks daunting?

Maybe it’s a problem that you’re doing something that you’re just not interested in? This can be very debilitating.

Some key things to try to help get that focus and energy back are:

  • Meditation – spend 15 minutes or longer just clearing your mind, and then thinking about what you want in life, remind yourself of your goals, and reasons, where you’re hoping to go in life.
  • Read your Personal Mission Statement – Part of the reason of writing the personal mission statement is in your time of weakness you can refer to it to refresh in your mind what you’re trying to accomplish, remind you of the reasons that you had written down in a moment of clear bliss.
  • Go for a walk – Walking helps increase the blood flow in your body, clearing your mind with its rhythmic trance like motion. I often find myself talking to myself and thinking things through with no distractions but one foot forward after the other. I often find myself returning home with excitement and sped up step with a quote repeating in my mind; usually along the lines of “Focus, and believe; I know what I’m doing.”

These are only a few suggestions that work for me. Everybody has different ones, but part of the process is also learning what works for you. Picking up one of my guitars and strumming out a few tunes works for me to calm me down, inspire those creative juices once again. Lifting weights also helps, so does cooking a meal. The list grows.

The key is to believe what you’re doing. Believe in your goals, believe in yourself, and believe in the way that you think.

Yes, one does find themselves up against what would appear a wall of pressured change, people trying to tell you what you’re doing is wrong, but this is a topic for another post. I will conclude with saying that this is another secret to staying true to yourself; understanding that they are just trying to help, and they can only relate ways that they themselves find success.

Take nibbles of their advice, never eat the whole cake.

Good luck!

Cutting Your Losses

One axiom that I have heard countless times is ‘Cut your losses’, but does everybody really find this an easy concept to grasp?

I’ve been passionate about investing in stocks for a good handful of years now. Although this isn’t the main point of this article, it’s one of the first areas that I use this daily.

Cutting your losses is a very hard loaf of bread to bite into. Can you see how it would apply to the question: If you were faced with the decision of cutting off your whole arm to save the rest of your body from being infected with a disease that had a chance to kill you, would you? For me, even cutting off a finger would be a hard decision to make, but in the whole scheme of things, I prefer to live than death; I would cut my losses. I think of Bob Marley, and how he died of a cancer that started in his big toe that he didn’t want to remove because of his Rasta beliefs, or just because he didn’t want to believe it.. Who really knows? This could just be a rumor, but even if it is for him, no doubt there are countless others out there who have died because of this.

Maybe it can also be compared to the situation with a smoker today, or for that matter a drug addict. You know that you’re killing yourself slowly by puffing on that cigarette, yet you continue to smoke day after day. I have not yet met somebody who smokes and wholy embraced the smoking habit and loved every minute of it. It’s inevitable and proven that it kills you slowly, it eats away at your insides (brain and lungs). This, I feel, is an example of not cutting your losses: “I’ve smoked for so long, it won’t hurt to have one more.” Or: “I’ll quit tomorrow.”

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After the Fast: In Retrospect

So I have finished my fast 10 days ago almost to the hour, and I am not taking some time to reflect on the after math of the fast: what I have learned as well as what I have felt. You can read more about it here.

The fast was easy. It isn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever had to overcome, but in the same breath, I’m trying to think of what the hardest thing I’ve ever done was…. So I guess it was hard, but it was something I could do, so the ten days wasn’t hard then was it? It was challenging I will admit. The part that I found most challenging was finding the strength to continue my daily routines as I was required to be: active and alert. Every movement, by the end of it, was accompanied with a feeling of emptyness of energy and if I got up, it was dizzyness. I had to be careful to not move to fast, or exert to much energy.

What I am still unsure about, and have noticed I have felt from the previous fasts I have done as well, is that I allow myself to look at photos and blogs of food and dreaming about it. Sometimes I feel that looking at them will only strengthen my character by denying myself those nutrients, but also isn’t the the point of doing a fast to mentally block food from my thoughts? This is something I will try and focus on this more in the future fasts (which yes, does mean that I’ll be fasting again, probably not soon though).

My body has recovered fully. My first bite was of an apple. I could immediately feel the strength pouring through my body from the nutrients, or more specifically the sugars! I had initially planned on being without anything solid, or at least no meat, for 48hrs, but after 30hrs, I went out for Thai food (which incidentally was absolutely delicious), thus breaking my dietary plans. I guess I had broken it with the apple not being blended anyways.  I have also had a meal of sushi, so I’m semi quasi accomplishing my diet plans, although I wish I wouldn’t have eaten the delicious meals directly afterward. I think it was hard on my body, a little bit anyways.

As far as my mind goes, I have searched for a lot of answers, but in the end, I know that the answers will come; this is something that fasting has taught me. In time, all things will come; even the most feared or the most anticipated events you can think of. Having to sit there and focus my mind on tasks that weren’t eating food was very easy once I really whole-heartedly put my self into the mind space, but very distracting when I did not. I found that when I did meditate, it was much more focused, and I was able to find calmness and clarity much easier than any other time I meditate. It feels almost like seeking answers from within (which I have been trying for a long time ever since reading Siddhartha), in a more effective effort. I sit here now and realize I haven’t tried to meditate since, which dismays me also.

As I am now, I am satisfied, but dissapointed with myself for not following through with my dietary goals. It was very hard to not control my eating after the fast, for I craved everything. Still now I crave delicious foods, which maybe has made me more of a snob and appreciating the finer foods (or at least good quality foods) that take time to prepare?

I have found a new level of peace though, a new understanding of life and love, and what is dear to me.. in a way. What are things that are fictitious in my mind, and what are things that are important to me? If I haven’t specifically learn’t all of these things directly as a result of the fast, they have at least been illuminated because of it, which I am eternally thankful for the opportunity to learn such things.

Often I think about what is in my mind necessary to live my life the best I can, and I really believe that it’s more to do with living, understanding, and knowing than second guessing and hesitating. Almost one may think of it as a peaceful dance with the leaves of time.

Day 10 of 10 Day Fast: Completed

So the fast is done. If you have been following me through this, you would already have read my previous days: 9, 8, 5, and 2.

It has been a very interesting journey, one that I have learnt a lot about what people believe, what I believe, what I am capable of, and also what it feels like to go without food for so long. I have proved the myth wrong that a person cannot go without food for such a long time, well maybe it’s not so much of a myth as something that scares most people.

One thing that’s amazed me is that my fridge still has some food in it that hasn’t gone bad! I’ve been writing food blogs like crazy at Exercise and Mind, that have been making me get much more excited about breaking this fast, but now that I am here at this point of break, I eat a little bit, and my stomach cannot handle any more! There are so many things that I want to start eating, but I suspect it’s going to take a few days before my stomach is back to proper working order.

I broke my fast at the hour I started it, 1230hrs, with 1 apple that had made it with me through the whole fast. Yes, it tasted like a million dollars and I ate the whole thing, seeds and all. I am aware the apple seeds aren’t the easiest things to digest, maybe I’ll start an apple tree in my stomach… I had another apple at 1330hrs. Shortly after the first one, I was feeling much livelier, with much more energy. It’s an amazing thing what food does to our bodies, a little bit of nutrition goes a long way.

For my first main meal, I had some homemade carrot and yam soup! Now, I’m not sure if it was because I hadn’t eaten for 10 days, but it was absolutely delicious! I have to be careful about how much I eat though, for if I get too carried away or have too much rich foods, my stomach really isn’t going to like me too much.

This morning I took the time to meditate and do a full stretch. It felt really good, and I always get discouraged when I realize that the fast is over and I haven’t dedicated enough time during it to meditate. I guess this is because I am so focused on what I’m actually doing to take the time. After meditating though, it feels extremely good, I feel lighter, brighter, and a lot more alert and at peace with life; this is a good thing. I appreciate what I have a lot more I feel, and I also feel more in tuned with my surroundings. I like this a lot.

Will I do it again? Absolutely. Will I do it for 10 days? Thats questionable. Will I do it soon? That is doubtful.

It was a great experience, but the fact is, it takes a lot out of me, pretty much takes all my conditioning and training and flushes it out the door. It keeps me fairly un-mobile for the whole time, every bit of energy I do spend weakens me greatly. It was not a health fast, or a cleanse, it was a fast: Spiritual and mind, which is part of the reason why I get upset with myself for not taking more care to meditate; this is ok, and I am pleased with myself none-the-less. I have learnt a great deal about myself, my habits, what I can believe, and also what is important to me as a result of this fast, which yes, I did have a lot of knowledge of these things before the fast, but at some point there was a clearing up of the mess.

You know when you’re absolutely spent, like you’ve just had a day on the ski slopes, and all you want to do is sit back in the hot tub and suck back a beverage, enjoy it and let your muscles get relaxed, and this is all you can think about? Well, that’s sort of what happens. You loose sight of minor complications, overlook trifles, and realize that all of these sort of insignificant disturbances are nothing to get excited about and are all just things that will happen anyways, so just be happy and all things will work themselves out with care and attention.

So, in conclusion, it was a great success, I received some great support from people all around the world here, and on twitter @kingkabuz, and I am a very happy boy.

Thank you all for your encouragement and wise words, and I am back to normal again!

Day 9 of 10 Day Fast

Well, today is my last sleep before I finish this fast. It has been a very interesting journey, and it feels like it’s been quite a long time actually. I find myself at various points of the day thinking to myself: “wow, I think I could go forever without eating.” But then I realize that this is silly, and that I’m weak and light headed, not to mention hungry!

I’ve been doing a whole lot of posting of foods such as my Red Chicken on my website, in anticipation of the coming food I shall be intaking, but it’s not to nice for me thinking about all the delicious food, and then not eating anything… I consider it a better test of my will….. smart?

One thing I’m pretty happy about is that some of the fruits and veges that I’ve had since I begun are still alive and not decayed. I guess this is a sign of very little toxins that are used as pesticides, as well as to ripen the crop fast to get it to market. I actually had two bunches of bananas, one was organic and the other was regular. I bought two because the regular bunches were green, and the organic ones were just perfect (if not a bit mature). Right now, 10 days later, the organic ones are actually slightly less brown spotted as the regular ones. Amazing, I know.

I was at the grocer a while ago, talking to the grocer, and he was telling me how a banana is so covered with pesticides that a person should wash their hands immediately after touching them. I found this rather disturbing but it really does describe the difference in organic to regular bananas.

So back to the fast.

These last few days I have been getting extremely cold. I am worried about some sort of hypothermia setting in, but I somewhat doubt this will happen. But as I type this, my place is set to 22.5deg C, and I’m wearing a t-shirt, wool sweater, and a hoody; not to mention pants and giant wool socks. Its slightly weird to me, but it’s also fairly cold out, so I’ll accept this. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a cold. I feel my body is at a very healthy state right now, and it would be hard to get a cold, but this could be the inverse of what is actually truth for all I know.

I have also been finding that my sleeping pattern is extremely off. I get tired at about 10 or so, and sleep for 2 hours, then wake up and can’t get back to sleep until about 3 or 4 in the morning. This is ok, for I read for a few hours, but it’s still a bit interesting to me. I remember reading Gandhi’s autobiography Experiments With Truth where he described his sleeping patterns, and it was very similar. It makes me worry less when I remember this!

It has definitely been a bit of a struggle for me to focus on school these past 9 days, but I blame that more on the usual getting back into the swing of things rather than the fast. For me it’s always hard coming back from a break to hit the grind stone and study hard. Do any of you find this too?

Looking in the mirror, I am definitely going inward in the belly area, and not outward, not that I was before, but it’s pronounced. I can feel my hip bones, and my muscles do feel weak if I try and flex.

One odd thing is on day 7 and today, I pooped. Odd thing to mention, but it’s very interesting I could actually do this considering I haven’t eaten anything in 9 days. I was talking to a friend, and he blamed this on the tea that I’m drinking. I’m still only drinking Goji Berry tea, Peppermint tea, and water. Can any of you attest to this phenomenon?

This is about all I can report for symptoms.

Art by Poncho

For mentality, all I can say I’ve gained are:

a) a patience for life, temporary if it may be.

b) a mind for my body. I am aware of most of my movements, and thinking about a lot more of what I do with it.

c) my mind may not have become more clear, and it may not have become more stable, but I would say that I have learned or enabled myself to focus on what I really need to focus on and that I’m starting to push myself in the proper directions without hesitation. I’m not sure if this is due to the reading material, or the timing of the year, or both combined with the fast, but I can feel it within me.

So you see, I have learnt a few things along the way. The most important thing I have learnt is that I am in charge of this life, and that I can do anything. Most people I have told about this say “Why?” or “Thats really not healthy!” or “You’re crazy!” but in the end, they don’t know why I do the things I do, what I deal with daily, and the commitment required for me to follow through on such a thing. I have also had some great friends that have encouraged me, given me great advice on what to do, how to break the fast, to rest, to stay warm, which really warms my heart just thinking about the support I have learned that I do have in the world around me. This is a beautiful thing in itself.

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Day 8 of 10 Day Fast

Today is day 8 of my 10 day fast, and it feels the same as the others have felt. As I have felt with previous fasts, the worst thing is not the agonizing pain of being hungry (which doesn’t exist) but the overwhelming desire and uncontrolled dreaming of food stuffs. Lately my dreaming has lead me to all sorts of cookies.

The wost thing is that I have some left over cookies that my mother sent home with me after the holidays sitting in my freezer (to keep them properly) for when I’m done the fast.

Something that the fast has made me dream about is to start doing more baking. I decided at midnight last night that I want to try and find a cook book, or at least some recipes that will teach me how to make soups and sauces. But, more along the lines of cookies, I want to start learning how to bake. So, in the wee hours of the evening last night I found myself dreaming about how I needed some muffin tins, as well as some loaf tins and a mix master to start this process.

Back to the fast.

I am finding that it is no problem to do the days these days, except the plain fact that I dream about food. There are times when I’m really hungry, and wish I could eat things, but that’s more because of the mere thought of food, rather than a pain for food.

As far as physical symptoms and properties go, I find that, of course, I have much less energy. On my walk to school, there is a slight uphill section, and at the end of it I am noticeably out of breath. This is rather natural, since for starters I’m not doing any exercise to keep myself in shape, as well, I have no food in me to give me any sort of reserves of energy needed to allow myself to get through this activity.

I have also noticed that at times it feels like a lot of work to get a full breath of air inside of me. My rib cages feel heavy, but it does feel good when I make the effort to breath full.

As well, I notice that while sitting all day at class, if my back is slightly slouched, or not being held in proper posture, it begins to hurt. 2 more days.

Overall though, the main reason why I’m doing this fast was a mental clarity. This I am finding somewhat. I am finding a calm serenity in my mind, which I believe will hold fast when I am finished. Being able to know that nothing else matters is a very great thing, but also knowing and studying how I react is a very beneficial test. The most strange thing is that I find I am able to not be stressed at all. During this whole process, I have been in very interesting situations that should have caused me much more stress, but as it turns out, I have been calm and relaxed and accepting of what it is that fate deems necessary. Now, this may or may not be due to the fact that I am also reading a book called: “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, which is an extremely great read and I recommend to all of you readers.

So, I am happy, I feel healthy (in spite my weakness), my sleep patterns are weird and off, but during the day I feel alert. Although, I do get tired earlier so I do go to be early which then gives rise to me getting up at midnight to do some work and going back to bed after a few hours. This reminds me of Gandhi, and how he used to have the most intense sleeping patterns, where he would sleep in a similar fashion, except he had a few cat naps in there as well.

I am finding that the Honey Tea is an essential factor to this fast. It works as a slightly better hunger depressor than water and tea, but still isn’t food. I’m only using about half of a teaspoon of sugar in my tea, and it allows me to keep my blood sugar up and eliminate the woozy, dizzy, sick feelings that sometimes overcame me.

2 more days and I think I can make it. So tempting to just start eating some foods, but I will prevail the victor of this challenge I am certain. Any words of encouragement?

Photography: Randy Mayor; Styling: Melanie J. Clarke

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Day 5 of 10 Day Fast

So today is day 5, the hump day if you will, of my 10 day fast, and today I’m feeling rather weak. I think its because the busy weekend I’ve had, but clearly its also from the lack of food I’ve not ingested.

courtesy of

The weirdest thing about a fast is the things you start to fantasize about. For instance, today I was smelling bread in my car as I drove around town doing my things, and started dreaming about the black olive fresh artisan loaf from the bakery just up the road. I usually can consume the entire thing without any hesitation. Yuhm. I’m also craving banana bread, it doesn’t help when my two friends BC Berrie and Erin Ireland keep flaunting their marvelous talents in the kitchen in my face. Oh so cruel!

Photo Courtesy of

But all that aside, all the joking about really craving food, it’s more just the thought of those delicious things that is what gets me. It’s not necessarily a hunger craving that is really gnawing at my belly, it’s the knowing how delicious those things really are. I have a fridge thats full of food, most of it is vegetables that I’m pretty certain are going to go bad on me, which makes me sad 🙁 . I have friends that are starving because they don’t have enough budget to pay for food. Somethings gotta give.

As far as my mental state of mind goes, its fairly intact today. Yesterday I had a little bit of a breakdown, wondering what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and if I’m even doing it about the wrong things. You know sometimes when you get the feeling like your actions are pushing really great people in your life away from you, but it’s just you being you? We’ll that feeling overwhelms me sometimes, which I think is why I have crafted my character to be somewhat more…. eloquent if I may. If things get too sloppy, people start to really turn their head in disgust; I would rather be open to all corners of the world than to immediately have doors shut down in front of me, its just something I’ve come to accept and understand.

My focus is really becoming hard, but the fast is also, in that same regard, illuminating the things in my life that I should focus myself on. A lot of the trifles in life seem to wash away when there is no desire for them. It’s almost like a washing of the drama away, you know? It’s like at the end of a day on the hill, you’ve spent all day carving and turning, looking for jumps and giving it your all, and then you are sitting at the table, taking off your ski gear and totally exhausted and you only have certain things on your mind. Most all else has gone away, no more bullshit if you will. I like that feeling. But at the same time, it’s hard not to feel like all that will eventually bite you in the arse. In a way, I guess, it’s kind of like loosing that eloquent’ness for a brief spell. hmm. Now I have more to think about!

Please, send me words of encouragement! Yesterday I almost broke my fast! Today was hard too! I went by a few pubs that looked deliciously my style

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Day 2 of 10 Day Fast

As the title clearly states, today is the completion of day two of my ten day fast. I woke up this morning feeling alright, took a shower, shaved and brushed my teeth, and now as I sit here I’m feeling slightly nauseous. I’m a little disturbed at this, for I really don’t like this feeling and know its my body telling me something, but I’m highly suspect its the fact that I haven’t drunk any liquids since last night when I went to bed. It could also be the 6hrs I got for sleep that also combine with this.

Yesterday I had some exercise. I walked up to the store, and I also did some light yoga as well as meditation that made me feel really and surprisingly positive about life. I enjoy those feelings.

I find that I am really focusing on my movements, and taking care with everything. Doors are getting shut lighter, steps are more ginger, and my peace of mind moves at a more crisp pace. I like this as well. I hope I can keep these traits for some time.

One thing that worries me is the tea I was drinking yesterday was Goji Berry tea. I’m wondering if this is the cause for my wooziness this morning, but I highly suspect its because of lack of hydration rather then wrong hydration. I’m on the water thats for sure!

Till next time, may peace be with you.

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Being You

I’ve been faced lately with a lot of decisions. Many  of them come down to character defining decisions that wrack the very confines of my soul.

Ok, fine maybe its not as drastic as I make it out to be, but they are definitely things that have warranted deep thinking and pride to be questioned. To me, its all about listening to my inner voices.

I find in these times its always great to have a list that I’ve made up to allow me to see what it is that my goals are. I find in these places a Personal Mission Statement is beyond any value one can measure. For me, its one of the most beneficial things I can do for myself, and any time that I feel confused or lost, I take a look at it and get re-aligned with  my goals. If you follow the link for Personal Mission Statement you will find a great article describing in more detail what it is, and how to write an effective one, but I think before even writing this begins, its a very valuable idea to know what your goals are. Setting yourself up with extremely effective goals will ensure that you are ALWAYS motivated to push further towards your goals no matter what the situation is. A good goal is one that doesn’t let you sleep, that keeps you awake at night thinking about it, that consumes most of your thoughts until you get there. Which further effectively illustrates how important it is to have a personal mission statement so that you can refer to it when you get so distracted with your effective goals.

So all of this aside, assuming its all been done, how do you be you? How are you sure that you are being you, and you’re not living somebody else’s dreams? If you are confused about what it means to be you, then you will not know what it means to follow your own goals.

I will admit, its not easy at all to know what you want to be when you grow up. Its like reaching your hand into a fishbowl and thinking you can catch a fish without looking! And by no means will it ever be the same from last year to this year. In fact, if it is then something has been missed! Every day new things are learned, and new ideas are formed, if you’re pushing your way towards your goals,  you will accomplish some quickly, which in turn will give you the ability to know which tactics you are using to push you towards your goals are effective or not.

I digress once more, but I think it shows how valuable knowing and setting your goals are.

To be you is to listen to that inner voice. To be you is to know what  you have inside of you. To be you is to be great. To be you is what you’ve always wanted you to be. I warn her though, make sure its what you want to be and not what you’re imagining you want to be under the influence of pop culture, aka. TV. This can be very daunting trying to figure out whats whats in this world of media and brainwashing, but its also a very good practice to constantly weary of what it is that is actually influencing you in your life. To understand this is to gain a while new insight into your life. Which in turn makes you understand who you are. What interests you.

I’m not saying that being conscientious of certain things like style and global issues are bad, but there are also somethings that just seem to be blatantly a waste of time and a drain on your brain waves.

For instance I sat down after breakfast this morning with my brother in the TV room, and he had a movie on MTV going. It was a show about these sorority girls who had a murder in their place, and were trying to figure out who it was. It was filled with bad acting, much to much makeup and dumb blond bimbos where they had a classic girl cat fight, and Tom Green acting as the hard ass cop. This WAS  a waste of my time. But it was one of those things that was so captivating I couldn’t turn my eyes away from…

A moment of weakness.

Sometimes its good though to have these moments. They act as reminders about what you do not want in  your life, provide you with fresh inspiration to be the real you that you want to be, and also can make you feel proud that you are now aware of what pulls you away from the real you. Not all of you will feel the same emotions I have about this movie, but all of  you will have come in contact within the last 24, 48 hours of something that has gotten under your skin, urked you in a way that you feel uncomfortable that you’re even having to be subject to such things.

Use this. Use this like a wind at your back and remember it, embrace it for it allows you to learn and to grow. But most of all, it allows you to understand you, and focus on what you can do to be the best you. I know I’m trying! Are you?

Do you have any other ways that you find are very effective in making you, you? Allowing you to learn how to be the best you? I’d love to hear.

Remember this if nothing else, what your mind and body tells you is often times right, listen intently to what its saying to you.


Focus is as important as breathing. Just living your life can get you by, but actually having a drive towards your goal is what makes life exhilarating. I will leave what an effective goals are for another time, but I would like to discuss, or rather, contemplate what focus really is.

When I find myself sitting here wondering what to do is the perfect time to sit down and think about what the actual goals are that I have, and from this, I can build my focus bubble. For me, focus takes the form of lists. I write lists all over the place to make sure that I’m constantly thinking about what it is that I want to accomplish, what I’m working towards.

For some, I know its hard to find your focus, so it takes a lot of organization to align your life with that focus. As some of you may know, I refuse to have a TV in my house for the simple fact of how easily it is to distract you from your focus. It takes your focus away from things that can push you into the next level, and puts it on a square receptacle they’ve cleverly nicknamed TV. Another thing is to monitor your time you spend doing ‘house cleaning’ activities like reading through junk emails, checking all the new events on facebook, tweeting about what happened at the mall today, etc. These just delay. Yes, I understand that these things are necessary in some circles, for internet marketing really stresses the benifits of focus….so I guess if you already have the focus in place, and have brainstormed what you need to do, you have the focus in place to do those things… so all is already good!

I find the most important thing that one has to find time to do is to think about the things currently in your life that distract you from getting your focus. When you take time to think about these things, then write a list of them, and break that list down even further describing how you’re going to eliminate that lack of focus from your life. This is called aligning your body and mind. This is a good thing.

From here, remember that you can always edit this list of lifes distractions with new ways to avoid what your loosing focus in, as well as add new things that do distract you. With any luck, over time the list will dwindle because you have so effectively removed those distractions from your life!

Do you have any strategies that help you clean your mind out? I’d love to hear some.