LULU by Lou Reed and Metallica

When LULU first came out all the Metallica junkies hated it. The mainstream music heroes said it was a huge flop. Social media made fun of it.

When LULU first came out, I watched a video interviewing the boys of Metallica and Lou and they were saying how it’s probably their greatest effort to date.

And still the critics yelled for it to be silenced.

I’m in the sixteenth minute of Lou Reed & Metallica performing the album live in Köln, and bloody hell it’s good.

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Monthly Joint Series by Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin released an album called Monthly Joint Series, which was made in the year 2009 from the bastard children of his then current album he had underway. Each song stands on its own, as a valiant soldier marching forth into the industrial wreckage ready to reek salvation upon the land. I guess, as legend has it, Amon released a song a month digitally, which fans ate up ravenously.

It’s what you’d come to expect from Amon Tobin, filled with futuristic sounds, traditional beats, and much bass.



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Triggerfinger by Triggerfinger

Triggerfinger is on board to be one of my favorite bands of 2013. They’ve been around since 1998, but this album, their debut album was only released in 2004. Apparently they weren’t picked up on and enjoyed in Belgium… I just got hooked on them from this song, which also was their first song to hit the Dutch charts:

However, they’re not really an acoustic band, though some of their top tracks on YouTube may convince you differently, being that they seem to all be acoustic performaces. In fact, they’re dubbed as Antwerp’s loudest band. Read their bio on their website, that’ll get the hairs raised on the back of your neck.

Triggerfinger’s self titled album, Triggerfinger, is fairly raw. Raw as in awesome. Raw as in fat guitar with sizzling lines that jump out of the speakers at you being pushed forth with that solid bass rock solid drum kit.

The band is three members from Belgium, Ruben Block plays guitar and sings, Paul Van Bruystegem who plays bass, and
Mario Goossens on the drums.

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Ride The Lightening by Metallica

Photo source: Metallica


One of Metallica‘s finest hours comes in the form of Ride the Lightning. The second studio album of Metallica‘s was recorded in Sweet Silence Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark, under producer Flemming Rasmussen. Shortly after producing this album, Metallica was hired by the label Elektra Records, who released the album in August of 1984.

Rumor has it that there’s a French green copy of the album that was mistakenly printed that are a rare collectors item. Another little tidbit of information is that this was the last album that Dave Mustane, former guitarist for Metallica who then went on to found Megadeth, was credited for co-writing a song.

The band members recorded on this album are James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Cliff Burton, and Kirk Hammett.

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We Sink by Sóley

Photo source: Sóley |


Every so often you run into an artist that simply makes you stop and think of looking up at the sky for some time wondering about things. Sóley unquestionably does this. I was first introduced to her at what is known as Bedroom Disco, a really ground roots movement where bands play by donation in a living room of some generous soul.

Sóley, a very charming individual, presents to the listener an array of songs filled with loops of dainty tidbits of delightfulness, and she does it all with this charisma that shows she is simply expressing her soul. Sóley is from Iceland, and she has a marvelous way about the world.

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Album Review: Folk Singer by Muddy Waters

In 1964, Muddy Waters released his album Folk Singer under the Chess Label. Don’t let the album title fool you, this is as blues as blues gets. This album was released in the hayday of Muddy, and also the resurgence of Blues in America which was fueled in part by the various rock groups like Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones who were covering many of the black blues singers material. Continue Reading →

Coral Fang by The Distillers

One of my favorite punk rock albums of all time is The Distillers 2003 major label debut album, Coral Fang. Not only is it some amazingly catchy guitar riffs, it’s got  some hard hitting drum beats, and lusty blood filled lyrics. Something any fan of The Distillers will happily admit. Oh, and did I mention Brody? Continue Reading →

On The House by Head of the Herd

The first track I heard of Head of the Herd blew my socks off, and so did the next track, and so did the one after that. This same pattern continued until I had exhausted everything I could find to listen to by these two guys, Neu and Clay.

Seriously, before I say anything further, go to their website and download their free CD, stuff like this doesn’t last long free. Continue Reading →

Velvet Underground & Nico

The Velvet Underground held a regular gig at Andy Warhols Factory. One of the hippest spots of the 60’s and into the 70’s, where everybody wanted to be, but only select few penetrated the inner circles.

Led by front man Lou Reed, and also including John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Maureen “Moe” Tucker The Velvet Underground & Nico was their debut album, which by the title clearly states it included Andy Warhol elite (and babe): Nico.

The arrangement of instruments in this is pretty extensive, and no wonder why they were so great. Sunday Morning starts off with a twinkling sound, somewhat similar to a xylophone. At any rate, it’s a song you should most definitely recognize if you listen to music, in fact, most of the songs on the album you should recognize. Continue Reading →