Monthly Joint Series by Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin released an album called Monthly Joint Series, which was made in the year 2009 from the bastard children of his then current album he had underway. Each song stands on its own, as a valiant soldier marching forth into the industrial wreckage ready to reek salvation upon the land. I guess, as legend has it, Amon released a song a month digitally, which fans ate up ravenously.

It’s what you’d come to expect from Amon Tobin, filled with futuristic sounds, traditional beats, and much bass.



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Book Review: At Work by Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is one of the most well known magazine cover photographers around the world today. She has easily graced the covers of more than one of the magazines that you have ever held in your hands, and no doubt will continue to make an impression on the reading/viewing world of the future. Her body of work is expansive, and her style is iconic but raw. Continue Reading →