Asparagus Wrapped in a Blanket

Tonights great snack came to me through a Easter party from a friend showing off! She wrapped slightly boiled asparagus in bacon and threw them on the bbq, and oh my goodness were they ever good. So, I am going to tell you how to make them.

First off, wash and chop the ends off the asparagus. Then starting at one end, like taping the end of a hockey stick, wrap the bacon around the asparagus. The trick here is to wrap it almost around once to hold the starting in position, and then wrap it tight, so the hands do get a bit dirty!

When your done it should look like this:

Now, put them either on the bbq, or in a frying pan and get them pigs sizzling! Remember that you want the bacon to cook all the way through, although it is a myth that pig is dirty and if you don’t cook it till crispy it will kill you, it still tastes better if it has brown to it.

Enjoy this easy delight!

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