La Belle Pêche Nue | Burlesque at its Finest

La Belle Pêche Nue - The Rio Theater - Lola Frost, Melody Mangler, Roxi D'Lite - Event PosterThis coming weekend, on June 21st 2014, The Rio Theater will be hosting La Belle Pêche Nue, an amalgamation of high-art theatrics, sensuality and grace. Or for short, striptease.

The lineup:

Lola Frost, Melody Mangler, Roxi D’Lite (Miss Exotic World 2010), Villainy Loveless, August Wiled, Jungle Cat, with Mistress of Ceremonies – Cass King. Let’s not forget about stage Muscle & Style provided by Brent Ray Fraser and Socratease

Lola Frost is known for her Rock and Roll, but also for her fierce glances that both warm and freeze a victim happily at the same time. Melody Mangler can caress you with her magic like none other. Roxi D’Lite is known as the Drinkin’, Smokin’, Strippin’ Machine, the bad girl of burlesque, voted in the “Top 5 Burlesque Performers” in the world, three years in a row for 21st Century Burlesque. Villainy Loveless has a tendency to stick daggers into your heart and enjoy it. August Wiled will make your jaw drop with her back bends, her long legs, and her startling intimacy.

This is a nude review. On June 21st, Canada’s most renowned burlesque performers will doff their pasties and g-strings and appear in all their glory, fully nude, in the most stunning striptease show Vancouver has seen since the Neo Burlesque Revival!

With only a few days until the show, tickets are selling quick. I’d highly suggest making an appearance for this spectacular.

La Belle Pêche Nue
The Rio Theater
Doors at 8pm, Show at 9pm
Tickets $25 General /$50 VIP
Tickets available online

La Belle Pêche Nue - The Rio Theater - Lola Frost, Melody Mangler, Roxi D'Lite - Event Poster


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