Vancouver Riots as Canucks Lose to Bruins

Canucks Stanley Cup Game 7 Loss Riot

On Wednesday, June 15th citizens of Vancouver took to the streets to watch the Vancouver Canucks take on the Boston Bruins in game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

vancouver canucks game 7 stanley cup loss riots crowd

Vancouver lost. One would expect sad faces on Canucks faces, and happy ones on Bruins, followed by the shaking of hands of each team, which then was followed by various parades with the cup raised above the victors heads.

No doubt the parades will happen, and the players will congratulate each other, but what some people of Vancouver decided to do was attempt at destroying not only the city streets, but city culture, city security, respect for the city, and their own moral and respect.

vancouver riot canucks 2011

Read the full article at Chronicles of Times.

Images courtesy of Fotographix de Ned.

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