The Photography of Sergio Buss

The Photography of Sergio Buss

Photographer Sergio Buss (fb, instagram, Become a Song) has an immediately arresting style. You can practically smell his photographs, feel the balmy humidity, or hear the fan clicking away in the background of the lazy day. In short, Sergio’s photography transports you to a place that’s hard to leave.

The Photography of Sergio Buss

One of my favorite qualities of his work is how he’s not afraid to let the grain show, a particularly unique soft spot I have developed from early Japanese street photography (see Daido Moriyama). What I also really appreciate is Sergio’s use of locations. He uses space as part of the photograph, not as something to be removed. With this in mind, he occasionally has walls cutting through half the image, or plants in the way. Love it! Continue Reading →

TOMS Cordones

So, its time I get myself a new pair of shoes I think, and I just got interested in TOMS shoes from @elim_chu, also found at The Style Seen. Apparently she just got her new shoes. She hasn’t blogged about it yet, but I suspect she will soon.

I read up a bit on TOMS and apparently they are doing a thing where every pair of shoes that you buy from them, for the time being, they will donate a pair to a person in need of shoes. Quite a valiant thing to do for a shoe company, I hope they are actually doing it.

I’m undecided between which pair I would like though, first up is the Brown Waxed Twill Men’s Cordones:

I like the brown color. I love the toes on their shoes. Simply awesome.

The next on the feet is TOMS Cortazar Cordones:

I think the Cortazar’s are what I will go with, just because for casual I’m more of a black guy.

Next is their Martinez Cordones:

Oh such decisions. Which ones do you like best?