Canadian Oil Sands and Lesser Prairie Chickens

Northern Alberta Tar Pit #3

It started off a few years ago as a project that would simply cost way too much to pursue. I remember it clearly as they said that it wouldn’t be explored because it was far to bad for the environment, cost way too much money, and there was way to much oil in the middle east… I remember even hearing how they said that with current technologies it takes more oil to actually extract the tar sands oil, than they actually get out of it in the process. But then oil went up to the prices we now see today, and suddenly WE THE CONSUMER started paying for our earth to be devastated. I’m talking about Canada’s oil sands.

Last time I was at the pump, gasoline was $141.9. For my ‘fuel efficient’ Jetta, a full tank costs about $70 to fill. I am paying for this exploration. I am guilty myself.

You know, if I was a believer in conspiracy theories, I might even venture to guess that half of the profits some of these oil companies get are by sneaky accounting. Think of this if you will: Company X buys oil, machinery, and pays employees while getting huge tax cuts and credits for being a developer of raw resources, for employing people, and numerous amounts of other loop holes. Company X just so happens to also extract the same oil they buy, so not only are they buying their own oil at premiums – keeping investors happy – they are also given tax credits to buy their own oil at premiums: essentially free government money. Company X also has huge backers on the board lobbying government, giving Company X basically ZERO risk factor of any sort of policy changes occurring in the near future that would hinder progress; if any policy change along the sorts is proposed that will make it harder for Company X to make large profits, the policy changes will be tied up in courts so long Company X will be allowed to take many years of life from planet earth.  Sounds like smart business, doesn’t it?

Today I signed many petitions to bring change in the world. I realize that it is slightly silly thinking that signing an online petition will bring change, but the positive fact of the matter is that many of these petitions do indeed bring change to the world. These petitions do have success. I’ve signed some petitions that have anywhere from a quarter of a million people signing them to over 2 million peoples signatures.

Today I signed a petition to bring the Lesser Prairie chicken – a rare grouse species threatened by oil and gas exploration, wildfires, and drought – under the wildlife protection act for protection against extinction.

I also signed a petition to bring the company Monsanto, and their super herbicide Roundup, forward to answer questions. Evidently a peer-reviewed report published in the scientific journal Entropy indicates glyphosate, a chief ingredient in herbicides like Roundup, is being found in the foods we all eat, we all buy from the grocer. Glyphosate is proven to have negative impacts on the human body by “manifesting slowly over time as inflammation [and] damages cellular systems throughout the body.” Not only does it effect humans, but animals and plants. In short, all life on the earth is effected by glyphosate and Monsanto’s Roundup.

CANADA ALBERTA FORT MCMURRAY 23JUL09 - View of Suncor Millennium tailings pond and tarsands mining operations north of Fort McMurray, northern Alberta, Canada. jre/Photo by Jiri Rezac / GREENPEACE © Jiri Rezac 2009

CANADA ALBERTA FORT MCMURRAY 23JUL09 – View of Suncor Millennium tailings pond and tarsands mining operations north of Fort McMurray, northern Alberta, Canada.
jre/Photo by Jiri Rezac / GREENPEACE
© Jiri Rezac 2009

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GLOBE 2012 Panel Discussion on North America’s Energy Mix

On Wednesday, March 14th 2012 GLOBE 2012 Vancouver had an event hosted by Encana Natural Gas: a panel discussion on North America’s Energy Mix.

This event was very interesting in that it was primarily filled with students with hopes that questions would be raised, and ideas discussed with the impressive mix representing the panel.Hopefully somebody was taking notes.

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Greater Toronto Area Child Porn Probe

I have been made aware of the recent child porn probe in the Greater Toronto Area, and to say the least, its disgusting. The rage that builds up inside of me when I hear this stuff is unquestionably filled with disgust and offense.

Searching for more information on what has happened, I came across this incredibly emotional blog the owner so graciously let me use. Hopefully it will make more people aware of what some of the life long struggles victims must go through, or at least make us aware that some things in life that we hear about, or see on the news and say: “Oh thats so sad,” and then when we are faced in real life with such situations, we choose to shrug off the situation with some sort of hypocritical justification that its ‘ok’ to continue on your way without demanding change.

So, take charge to change situations where there is a victim, this world needs your action.

Without further delay:


7 men of the Greater Toronto Area were arrested in an international child porn probe. 25 Canadians.  57 men total. 45 child victims were identified. 25 children were rescued.  12 of those children are Canadian.

I’m going to do some naming and shaming.

Richard Dyde, 47 – YORK UNIVERSITY FELLOW!! not only did this pedophile possess child porn and make it available, he has additionally been charged with making child pornography.


Jonah Whitehouse, 31

Erin Holder, aka Erin Wilson, 26

Michael Pellow, 68 – Toronto real estate agent, charged with making child pornography

Christopher Holowatyj, 20

Trevor Partridge, 44 – posed as a 17 year old online and convinced girls to perform sexual acts over the internet for him to record

Kevin Sheppard, 41

Outside of the GTA, Randy Miller, 40, of Napanee, a PROFESSIONAL CLOWN, VOLUNTEER SCOUT LEADER. He’s been charged with sexual assault, 2 counts of making and possessing child pornography.


Reverend Robin Barrett, 51 (first charged, already sentenced to 2.5 years.  That’s all?)

According to the Toronto Star, some men have already been convicted and sentenced to jail terms ranging from 30 months to 25 years.

I began my life as a child porn star at age 8.  Now I can tell you that I’ve suffered immeasurably for the 25 years I’ve lived since then.  If justice were fair, perpetrators should be punished for AT LEAST as long as the consequences of their actions torment their victims.  Bare minimum.  And those who perpetuate victimhood by sharing these pictures?  Keep them locked up until the victim decides they no longer feel any shame about their abuse and humiliation being used to gratify their evil desires.  I can guarantee you not one victim has recovered after 30 months.

Maybe you have read a bit about my struggle with mental illness lately.  I have Post Traumatic Stress, and according to some therapists, I have borderline personality disorder.  I have extreme difficulty with interpersonal relationships, whether they be intimate, professional, familial, among friends, and with the general public.  I have fears and anxieties that paralyze me, and keep me a prisoner in my home.  I’m terrified to go out in public in case I overreact to something and respond “inappropriately”.  I haven’t kept a romantic relationship for more than 3 months because my issues exhaust even the best-intended.

My spirit was shattered then, and I haven’t been able to put it back together.  Would I be like this if it hadn’t been for my perverted teacher back in grade 3?  I don’t know.  I don’t know anybody like me.  I read about people like me in psych books, but I don’t know anybody who can relate to how I feel.  People undermine my being and my feelings, blaming everything first on the abuse, then second on my mental illness.  ”You’re depressed because of what happened to you as a kid”  ”You’re gay because you were raped” “You’re overreacting because of your mental illness…”  ”All our problems are because you’re crazy”.  I haven’t yet been respected for having real, authentic feelings stemming from me being human, I’m always reduced to a mentally ill victim-turning-villain.

Because yes.  I’m turning into a villain.  I’m not a kid any more.  It’s hard to keep having sympathy for someone who was damaged so long ago.  I’m not that frail little blonde, blue-eyed girl with gynecological damage, or the tortured teenager that youth workers wanted to save.  Now I’m a middle aged cat woman who can’t keep a job, a lover, a friend.  I kill happy vibes.  I’m the one who you avoid eye contact with, because I’m the ugly woman on the bus crying.  I make you uncomfortable.  I’m sucking up your tax dollars with my welfare checks, my disability insurance, my repeated hospitalizations.

I’m sure I’ll be told my anger at this recent batch of perverts is inappropriate.  That we are innocent until proven guilty, and that we all deserve a chance at rehabilitation.  That these people are sick, and should be pitied and helped.  Well, I’m used to having inappropriate anger.  These men should be murdered.  By the state.  They will not get better.  Look at David Caza.  Call it “mercy killing”, euthanasia, capital punishment, eye for an eye, extermination or whatever you want.  But Do. Not. Let. These. Monsters. Out. Ever.