The Photography of Emily Soto

I fell in love with Emily Soto on 500px – as I think a lot of people have. Her work is elegant beauty draped about lush tropical foliage with random blur and beautiful women relaxed, yet in elegant fashions. I really enjoy her work as it feels like it’s a fairy tale, not necessarily a land where there are little Tinkerbelles floating around with magic wands, but one where the snakes and rabbits and trees talk back to you, and are your friends.

One thing I notice in all of her work is that the faces have emotion, expressive, and she plays around with that a lot. Well, she also has unbeatable fashions and vision. I really dig how she adds a lot of variety to her images, how she puts them on spreads, or combines two together un-symmetrically.

Emily is a international fashion, celebrity, and lifestyle photographer based in southern California. It’s hard to believe that her photography career has only been going since 2010-2011. It is obvious that she has been working at it for many years just not as a professional though… but still, it’s pretty amazing considering that amount of attention she’s had, and continues to have. She is sought after to grace magazine covers around the world by many, many magazines.

All of the images you see here were taken from here blog.



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