District of Lantzville Dislikes Gardens

Dirk and Nicole, advocates of gardens in Lantzville on Vancouver Island have been ordered by the District of Nanaimo on behalf of the District of Lantzville to cease all agriculture activity.

Dirk and Nicole have 2.5 acres of land that they live on, and have started to grow their own organic vegetables and fruits on. What is the bad in this one may ask, as one should. Continue Reading →

South Central Farm, LA

Image Courtesy of Lane Barden

In 2006, thousands of supporters poured their time, energy, money, and bodies into a cause for growth, for beauty, for a little piece of magic in an ever growing cement urbanism.

In 2006 Ralph Horowitz ordered his bulldozers to destroy the largest urban farm in USA located at East 41st and South Alameda in South Los Angeles, California, called South Central Farm,  instantly destroying 14 acres of community, sharing, plants, vegetables, and education for the 350 families that cultivated the land. Continue Reading →