Guy Aroch

Some photographers get it. They get colour, they get fashion, they get frame, they get style, they get mood, they get love.

Guy Aroch gets it. His photographs have a personality of their own. They speak without an introduction. They capture your breath before you know what has just happened. His website, on the other hand, I don’t like.

His work is featured everywhere. His models are also featured everywhere.

I like his work for it’s brown/yellow feeling it gives. I also like how most of his photographs have something in the frame that blurs the photograph a little bit, making it just that much more dreamy. I guess it also has a 70s feeling to it because of this. Imagine big leafed tropical plants and shag carpets and wood paneling…


Photo credit: Guy Aroch | <em><strong>guyaroch</strong>.com</em>

Photo credit: Guy Aroch |

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