La Vida Romana Accessories

Photo source: La Vida Romana |

Accessory designer La Vida Romana embodies the edgy gypsy; a first nation cross bohemian style that COT oh so loves. Bones and leather, and feathers that dangle and tiny skulls that jingle with bronze chain links and strong emerald or turquoise eye shadow.  This is the beautiful kind of stuff that makes the warm setting sun of mid summer so very enjoyable. Continue Reading →

Alexandra Valenti is Up In Smoke

This article started off about fashion in smoke, then quickly turned to a profile of Alexandra Valenti after I looked at her photographs, where I found her smoke work.

Simply beautiful.

There are some artists you look at their work and you see a distance, a disconnect between personality and style. Then, there are other artists who integrate every essence of their body into what they capture with the lens. As an outside viewer, I almost get the feeling that I have just read Alexandra’s secret pages of a notebook she’s tirelessly drawn flowers, hearts, vines, and birds all over.

Oh, and she does it with some amazing style.

Photo source: Alexandra Valenti |

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