LULU by Lou Reed and Metallica

When LULU first came out all the Metallica junkies hated it. The mainstream music heroes said it was a huge flop. Social media made fun of it.

When LULU first came out, I watched a video interviewing the boys of Metallica and Lou and they were saying how it’s probably their greatest effort to date.

And still the critics yelled for it to be silenced.

I’m in the sixteenth minute of Lou Reed & Metallica performing the album live in Köln, and bloody hell it’s good.

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Ride The Lightening by Metallica

Photo source: Metallica


One of Metallica‘s finest hours comes in the form of Ride the Lightning. The second studio album of Metallica‘s was recorded in Sweet Silence Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark, under producer Flemming Rasmussen. Shortly after producing this album, Metallica was hired by the label Elektra Records, who released the album in August of 1984.

Rumor has it that there’s a French green copy of the album that was mistakenly printed that are a rare collectors item. Another little tidbit of information is that this was the last album that Dave Mustane, former guitarist for Metallica who then went on to found Megadeth, was credited for co-writing a song.

The band members recorded on this album are James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Cliff Burton, and Kirk Hammett.

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Yes, Metallica!

Photo source: Metallica

Metallica: a band from formed in LA displaced to San Fran.
Born: 1991.

That’s over 30 years now of kick-ass, loud, in your face metal. There is no denying that they catapulted the genre of metal into existence. Before them, we’re left thinking about bands like ACDC, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Mötorhead, Deep Purple (if I may)… I’m by no means exhausting this list, but the fact remains that there was nobody before with the same rhythmic intensity that Metallica had, and now continues to have in spite the ruthless critics. Granted ACDC was epic beyond proportions, but they lacked something deeper that Metallica has. Continue Reading →