Vancouver’s Pecha Kucha Night #22 @ Vogue Theatre

We sent our representative, Renata Duran to photograph PNK #22, Vancouver’s Night of inspiration, which looks like it was a great sensation.

Every single time they keep selling the place out, as they did at 21, 20, 19…. Have they ever not?

The lineup had Hannah Georgas  opening, and then the following presenters:
Adam Schelle & Kev Holloway – Playground
Angus McAllister – McAllister Opinion Research
Chris Diplock – Vancouver Tool Library
Comfort Adesuwa Ero – African Stages Association of BC
Jen Sung – Out in Schools
Jorge Amigo – #bemyamigo
Josue Menjivar – Fresh Brewed Illustration
Ken Lyotier – United We Can
Lisa Moore – Rhizome Cafe and Rhizome Movement-Building Centre
Mina Shum – Thoughts From the Asylum Productions
Paul Lacerte – BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres

Here’s some photos from the event.

Vancouver’s Pecha Kucha Night #21 @ Vogue Theatre

The 21st edition of Pecha Kucha Night Vancouver was, as expected, a great success again. The night was filled with many inspiring presenters who offered great advice, insight into their creative processes, and expositions of their world renowned work.

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Vancouver’s Pecha Kucha Night #20 – All Star Special Edition @ Vogue Theatre

As expected, Pecha Kucha Night Vancouver #20 was great. Vancouver’s edition of Pecha Kucha, which began in Japan by the people shown below. To clear up any confusion I will quote their “What is It” section of their page:

PechaKucha Night was devised in Tokyo in February 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public.


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Vancouver’s Pecha Kucha Night #18 @ Vogue Theatre

Pecha Kucha Night is Vancouver’s version of the world wide  Pecha Kucha, now at 449 cities across the globe. It has a beautiful format: 20 pictures with 20 seconds for each picture. At this Vol, #18, they actually incorporated 20 seconds worth of video too, which was the first time this has ever been done, I believe. Continue Reading →

Vancouver’s Pecha Kucha Night #17 @ The Vogue Theatre

uver’s 17th Pecha Kucha Night, or as many affectionately know it: PKN. PK[N] is a world wide event that takes life in many cities across the globe, originating in Tokyo as Pecha Kucha in 2003 but quickly spreading; currently, it’s been hosted at 418 cities world wide.

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Richmond Night Market, BC

The Richmond Night Market is completely what one would expect from a chinese market, except its catered to those folks who go out at night. So, one should expect a slightly more carnival feel to the market.

Upon entering into the market, one feels like they may have just snuck in the back door, but no, its really the entrance. There is no glorious sign exclaiming: “Welcome to the Infamous Richmond Night Market” in bold letters. Instead, you are greeted with the steady glow of excessive lighting, plastic filled stands, and people ever where.

It is very similar to a flea market, except there is no flea’ing. At the flea markets there are usually a few tables with new gadgets, each individually wrapped in their clear plastic shells; stuff you really don’t need, but are oohhh so cool. For instance, they had these tripods, that were mini tripods. Probably no bigger than a foot tall, fully extended. Something like that could really come in handy at times…

The real reason why people go to the market is the food, and let me tell you, it was splendid. I basically turned off all instinct to be thrifty and bought as much as I wanted. I ate squid, octopus tentacles, chicken, and duck neck to name a few. Before I knew it my cash reserves were nearly depleted, and we had to run to the bank machine to get some flow.

Parking was an interesting thing. If you drive right into the market, you can park for 5$ in their parking lots, or you can park before you turn onto the main road where the market is and park for free, but this comes with a walk that some aren’t willing to make. If you arrive after midnight, you can park right along the main street for free. One should be weary though, for this parking is known, and starts to fill up right as the clock strikes 12.

I’m glad that I finally made it to the night market. Although, I must say, I expected something similar to  china town during the new years celebration, but instead, I was greeted with an expensive taste testing event, with random tables filled with random things that I really didn’t need.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly suggest that you do, so that you can say you were at the world renowned Richmond Night Market, and this way you can judge for yourself how much you enjoy it. I would be really interested to hear how all of you find the experience!