Emma Sweeney

From studying Emma Sweeney‘s work, one understands a few things.

First, Emma has a very keen sense of what it takes to portray soft, bliss like, Garden of Eden-esque photographs. Each of her photographs gives the feeling of floating in something like a fairy tale, wings and balloons and soft spoken words. Don’t get me wrong, her photographs also have a bit of ruthless in them too, just a little bit.

The viewer also understands Emma likes to use rather muted earthly tones. Most of her photographs blend with light olives and tans. Perhaps this could be a result of so much skin in her photographs.. No complaints here.

Emma has graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins, a College of Art and Design specializing in photography, after which she worked with Nick Knight.

Photo source: Emma Sweeney | www.emmasweeney.co.uk

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Le Happy Lua P

Photo source: Le Happy | http://glossfashion.com/le-happy/


Jacket ~ Modekungen
Jumper ~ Illustrated People
Blouse ~ Vintage
Leggings/ high waisted pants ~  Shop Market HQ

She calls herself a Peruvian living in LA. Her style sings the torn lyrics of Alice in Chains, the cool-aid dyed hair, burgundy Dr. Martens, and single ear earrings. Lua P of Le Happy has got some classic style with modern accessories. We like Lua P. I mean, look at that studded collar!

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