Artist Januz Miralles

Searching through Curioos artist Januz Miralles, who also goes by Nuestra was found.

His work is jaw dropping. It’s mostly done in black and white, with scenes of persons mixed with the smears of distortion or destruction. It really reminds us of our other friend Jaybo Monk’s work we’ve profiled a few times.

Blakbird | Photo source:


unyo | Photo source:


His work touches on life and death. On inanimate and animated beings. It explores the imaginable, as well as the fantasy. Mixing this with wrinkles and drips, and thick brush strokes, this art becomes real, really quick.

Photo source:


increpe | Photo source:


increpe_ | Photo source:


From the best of what we can tell, Miralles uses a combination of acrylic painting on paper or canvas which he then scans and combines with photo manipulation to get some of the images he’s looking for. Something like this would be very beautiful to see a live example of, hoping it wasn’t just a print.

Non-return | Photo source:


Pet | Photo source:


Q | Photo source:


Untitled 012 | Photo source:


We look forward to any future work by this artist, and you can bet we’ll be keeping a close eye on it. Sometimes you see an artist’s work and you realize how solid an image they have made for themselves, and you really wonder where they will go from there. That’s what we see here.

For more information on Januz Miralles head to:

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