Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon is single handedly given the credit for changing the way fashion was projected. Born in 1923, May 15th he was just entering the fashion scene as the 2nd world war was just ending, at a time when Paris was trying very hard to return the economic stimulation of the haute couture we all know Paris for.

Working for magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue early in his career, his success was inevitable. He was known for his in motion photography, taking him away from the straight edge, classically posed, very un-emotional style of fashion photography into a world of flair, life, excitement, and sex!

He also did some of the most astounding portrait photography around. His signature white background, as well as black and white photographs, seem to direct all attention to the subject, as a good portrait should do.

Richard Avedon photographed nearly everybody under the sun worth photographing, if you will. Marilyn Monroe, to Charlie Chaplin, to Tina Turner. It seems to me, what most illuminates the role of a photographer, and the job of a photographer is in his story of how he got the Marilyn Monroe, so un-characteristic of what the people think of the pop-icon, photograph.

So, to hear the story, and more, and to watch the video that has got me fascinated with this photographer, check out the videos below. It’s a 9 part series..

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