Beautiful Day in Vancouver: List, Lists, Lists!

Today, as yesterday promised late in the day, is a beautiful day. I look out my window an the sun is shining brightly, I have my window open letting in some much needed fresh air, and life feels good.

I’ve decided today is going to be productive, so I’m going to get alot of things done that I have been waiting a while to do. I usually end up making lists for all sorts of things, lists are my best friend, but today it just seems different.

I heard an angel last night, and it answered all my questions. Life is a happy time, this is what were here to do.

I will not bore you with the exact details of my list, but I will share with you how I make my lists. First off, I sit and think to myself: “What do I need to get done, what do I want to do, and what can I do.” It doesn’t matter to me whether its remedial, tricky, expensive, or┬álaborious, I still write it down. I have, in my bedroom/office, a white board (or rather clear board) I got from IKEA, where I scribble down my list. I take as long as it takes to write the list down, If need be I write in the corners and tiny open spaces, but I find that I usually stay on top of things. Its really hard sometimes to come up with a full list. Sometimes I just put reminders of ongoing things that I have to do, like do homework, or write, but I write it all down on the list so that I can have it there in front of me.

In this way, I can look at the board for things to do. Everybody, I’m sure, has had bouts where they knew they had something they wanted to do, but then forget what it is that they wanted to do. This is why the list is handy! When I finish doing something, and I’m just klunking down onto my chair, I can look over and say, hmm, what can I cross of now.

The fun of it all is that as you accomplish more and more, you get to cross off more and more. And when you started the day with a full board of things to do, and you look and its 1 or 2 in the afternoon and your whole list is clear, trust me: this makes you feel like you accomplished a lot.

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  1. wtf!? then where’s the “corny” part of making lists?

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