Bret Taylor Solo Art Show

Last night Bret Taylor opened his solo exhibit at The Tipper . It is a neat little spot on Kingsway and Victoria in East Vancouver for a show, where part of a restaurant in the front is booths, and the back opens up in a nice big room for a small band or an art show! Bret was lucky enough to have the lovely Tess McCann host his show for him, take the stress off his hands, and look lovely while doing it!

Bret’s work is pretty interesting, this series he has made really brilliant backgrounds that are topped with what looks like a half cm of clear coat which he then does his white on. It’s a pretty cool thing to look at.

Clearly, as you can see, the colours are brilliant. The backgrounds shine with a metallic awesomeness that plays with light, and the eyes.  Talking with Bret, he’s a really great guy. His love for good music sure shined through with the music playlist he made: White Zombie, The Distillers, Dire Straits, Buckcherry, et al.

So, go check out his stuff at The Tipper, and send him a shout out on twitter @BretInVancouver; I’m more than certain he will love to hear from you.

All images courtesy of the artist, Bret Taylor.

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