Artist Review: Chris Jordan

Simon Fraser Universities Burnaby campus art gallery is currently showcasing work from the artist Chris Jordan which is titled “Running the Numbers: An American Self Portrait” which I felt was an astounding step towards opening the eyes of the consumer, in a way that makes them realize the extent of the damage done by being such.

His work exhibits the scale at which America consumes items such as Barbies, cell phones, plastic bottles, cars, and so on. Each one is labeled with a time frame, like America retires 426000 cell phones per day, and it shows the expanse of the waste that is built up. With a situation like this, our world will slowly be piled higher and higher with plastic and consumed garbage that will overtake us and we will have no choice but to immediately start resistance action.

I will showcase a few of his photographs here, but it really doesn’t do the expanse of his projects. These should be viewed on 20ft x 20ft prints and still you have to go in really close to see the exact detail of the photograph because the extent is simply far to great.

If you go to his website, but you can view interactive photographs that let you zoom in to really see the intricacies of them.

Above is some crazy number of inmate uniforms in the USA per day.

To be honest, I really haven’t detailed what the photos all mean, and hopefully you will find them interesting enough to check out his website to find further information.

If nothing else, I hope you take this as a warning: STOP CONSUMING!

2 Thoughts on “Artist Review: Chris Jordan

  1. Very cool. Did you check out that Chinese artist’s exhibit at VAG? Sorry that I can’t remember the name atm, but he also does a series similar to this.

    • No, I didn’t. I have a 2yr membership now, but I haven’t gone yet. Maybe I’ll go this weekend. Its brilliant these things, they open up your eyes to really get a feel of how expansive our destruction is.

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