Concert Review: Jack Johnson with G. Love

Tonight I had the pleasure of hitting up Jack Johnson‘s show at Rogers Place here in lovely Vancouver, and what a beautiful day for a Jack show I’ll tell you that much for sure. He rocked. G. Love opened for him. He rocked. Another girl whom I cannot find the name for was on before that rocked. I know, bad journalism, but she really was good. Although her last song, about her tour manager, she shouldn’t play that anymore.

I have never seen Jack Johnson before this evening, and its been way to long. He was pretty rad. I love his whole setup, curved screen, video cameras planted around the stage, great time. He was playing a slow song, just him and his guitar, and his strap came off. He stopped and picked up again after telling a story about the song. Do You Remember was the song, he told us how the piano they wanted it so bad, and they kept it anyways, even though it took up half the bedroom door. That song is one of my favorites, on possibly my favorite album.

I like hearing Jack play electric guitar. I think it’d be a fools business to dislike him for changing his style. So much more good can come from instrument changes. That being said, i do love his solo acoustic stuff. His band killed it up there. They were rock solid. The pianist Zack Gill is pretty damn awesome. He’s awesome and his style perfectly goes with Jack. I just read Adam Topol‘s bio on Jack’s, and this dudes got some cool history.

So the people were friendly, the music was extraordinary, and Jack was as good as ever. Its so cool to go to and read about all the things Jacks trying to do for the environment. I think one quote that I’ve read that sticks out in my mind is: “We want people to leave the event seeing this as the way to life, not just a novelty.” To me that has profound meaning to my life, and I congratulate Jack for putting his name to such causes. It honestly inspires me to be the better person I can.

G. Love sure played some good music too. His harmonica accompanied Jack on a few songs, which is so cool to see. Its a really nice atmosphere when the main act brings up some of the other acts to play with. I like that a lot. But G. Loves show was wicked as expected. His slide Phillie bred blues style music is something I really dig. He even pulled out the slide for a song or two.

If you can, hit up this tour. Jack is on his game, better than ever and its an extreme pleasure and inspiring to hear this show. I wish I knew the opener so I could give her some credit too. She came out for a while to play a uke song with Jack, which was totally cool. She threw in some crazy awesomeness in the song. I love a good Uke!

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