Dollars for Doha: a TEDxSummit Dream

Most of us by now should know about TEDx(insert city name here). Well, for those of you that don’t I’ll quote you the TED mission statement:

Ideas worth spreading

The x part, as you can see from the title image, means that they are independently organized TED events. Ideas for the community, to help bring the community together through awareness, worthy causes, and interaction with like minded people. All things good.

A friend of Chronicles of Times, Carol-Lynne, who has organized the first ever TEDxVictoria last year, 2011, has been accepted to attend the TEDxSummit in Doha, Qatar; an event exclusively for TEDx organizers with a goal to help teach each other lessons through a week of talks and workshops, with hopes that the international communication will help at a community level of the independently organized TED events.

Her motivation is obvious when she says: “I’m not asking for a specific amount – hugs and other forms of support are welcome. 😀 I feel privileged to have been invited to attend TEDxSummit. I will make this happen. TEDxVictoria must live on and grow!”

This event is very cool. 500 organizers from around the world will be attending, and I couldn’t think of a better representative for the west coast of Canada to go than Carol-Lynne.

However, Carol-Lynne needs our help to send her there. Please take a moment, if nothing else, to read about who she is and what she expects to do over in Doha, as well as what she expects to take from it in her future endeavors in this world.

Note: She also accepts hugs!

If you want to get to know Carol-Lynne more, you can find her on twitter as @Sea_Love

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