Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

A short while ago Groupon had a nifty deal goin on in Vancouver which gave you a year’s membership to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Classical Chinese Garden for $17, I got two free passes which rolled at $9 a piece so it was paid off already. It was fairly magical in a few places, so I really enjoyed it. The time I had was good, followed up by a chinese lunch.

The gardens are located at 578 Carral St, in the heart of China Town, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Accompanying me was my friend and his girl; both very cool individuals.

Personally I was a little turned off by the size of the gardens. I had imagined it would be larger, where it would take me more than 30 minutes to circle the gardens, but it turned out to be able to finish in around 15 minutes, that was taking lots of photos. But really, how big can it get? It’s right in the middle of the heart of China Town after all. There were gardens outside that there was a wedding reception or some kinda photo shoot going on that was kinda festive.

We had already delayed by going into the Flee Market. The sun was already getting low the company I was with wasn’t as concerned as I was, so we explored the fleas.  There was a tonne of junk there. All a huge warehouse of junk. 2nd hand junk. Sometimes thats cool if your looking for junk.

The gardens had a tonne of fairly immaculately trimmed pieces of vegetation. There were turtles in the water, there were gazebos 20ft in the air, there were giant cranes, and tea for free. A golden tree next to the pond, and a crow that walked along the awning.

Outside there were some sort of boy scouts organization that would be out in the square and as soon as we came along they would all run inside the doors and hide. There was a lot of them. Perhaps 20-30 people.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen was in that square with all of his astrological signs in front of him, in a circle. I suggest you go there, inspite the rather large entrance fees, just to see for yourself what history is like. These things enrich your culture, and heritage ties. I would love to know if you’ve ever been there? Did you enjoy it?

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