Eating Healthy Day by Day

Alot of people feel that the word “diet” is something only fat people and health nuts use, but folks, dont be afraid. Its not that bad to use the word. In fact, truly, by definition, diet is just what you eat, not relating to or pertaining to specific food groups.

So, the key is to stick to foods that are healthy, I guess this part is obvious. The real challenge is to create ways to incorporate this into your life, so from, lets break it down meal by meal.

Keep your breakfast simple: fruits and vegetables. no sugars added, no fansy schemes, just a simple meal. The people at exercise and mind recommend a blend, fruits, oats, flax and almond milk. The almond milk has calcium if your afraid for your bones!

For lunch its also simple, keep a sandwich, wrap, salad, or get creative with leftovers! Its not that hard now, come on!

For dinner, be brave and make your own meals. It only takes approx 20-30 min to make most dishes, and they are gratifying once you’ve created your own.

A key to making a delicious dish every time, is to have a good stock of spices. A trick I use is to go to the spice isle every time I go into the grocer, and each visit I pick out one new spice. In a few weeks, you’ll have a nice big selection. Go for the spices that even the non-cooker knows the names of, oregano, tarragon, sesame seeds… etc.

Most of all, enjoy making the meals. Its a great feeling to know your ea

ting healthy. When you go shopping, just simply dont buy the junk food that your trying to stay away from. Instead, spend a few extra dollars for a really nice steak, or a rare exotic fruit to try out. It really does make a difference.

Good luck!

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