Focus is as important as breathing. Just living your life can get you by, but actually having a drive towards your goal is what makes life exhilarating. I will leave what an effective goals are for another time, but I would like to discuss, or rather, contemplate what focus really is.

When I find myself sitting here wondering what to do is the perfect time to sit down and think about what the actual goals are that I have, and from this, I can build my focus bubble. For me, focus takes the form of lists. I write lists all over the place to make sure that I’m constantly thinking about what it is that I want to accomplish, what I’m working towards.

For some, I know its hard to find your focus, so it takes a lot of organization to align your life with that focus. As some of you may know, I refuse to have a TV in my house for the simple fact of how easily it is to distract you from your focus. It takes your focus away from things that can push you into the next level, and puts it on a square receptacle they’ve cleverly nicknamed TV. Another thing is to monitor your time you spend doing ‘house cleaning’ activities like reading through junk emails, checking all the new events on facebook, tweeting about what happened at the mall today, etc. These just delay. Yes, I understand that these things are necessary in some circles, for internet marketing really stresses the benifits of focus….so I guess if you already have the focus in place, and have brainstormed what you need to do, you have the focus in place to do those things… so all is already good!

I find the most important thing that one has to find time to do is to think about the things currently in your life that distract you from getting your focus. When you take time to think about these things, then write a list of them, and break that list down even further describing how you’re going to eliminate that lack of focus from your life. This is called aligning your body and mind. This is a good thing.

From here, remember that you can always edit this list of lifes distractions with new ways to avoid what your loosing focus in, as well as add new things that do distract you. With any luck, over time the list will dwindle because you have so effectively removed those distractions from your life!

Do you have any strategies that help you clean your mind out? I’d love to hear some.

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