Gucci Pour Homme

As a follow up to my previous post on sexy mens fragrances, yesterday I had to run into Sephora and took the time to smell a few of the mens fragrances they had available. I found two that I really liked, one of which I’m wearing now: Gucci’s pour homme woody spicy fragrance.

I can’t smell enough of this stuff, and it’s rather intoxicating. I’m very curious to hear what girls have to say about it. I really can’t begin to explain how it smells, for its a mix of very sensual smells, so from Gucci’s website we get:

  • top note of ginger
  • heart note of papyrus
  • base note of olibanum
…if that explains anything. I have one more to try, which I also liked at Sephora, which is John Varvatos’ Vintage. I will keep my interested reader informed on how I enjoy that smell.
What are your thoughts on Gucci’s pour homme?

2 Thoughts on “Gucci Pour Homme

  1. Susan on October 28, 2011 at 11:46 said:

    Its one of my all time favourite men’s cologne. Doesn’t have strong sillage so you have to be closer to smell this.
    I love to put it on my own wrist – although it is decidedly masculine fragrance. To me it smells like a mixture of pipe tobacco and spice and autumn.
    Funnily enough some catholic friends of mine say it reminds them of church incense, which I love anyway….
    beautiful and quite unique scent.

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