Hobiyee – a Nisga’a Ts’amiks New Years Celebration

All this weekend the Nisga’a are holding their New Years celebration, Hobiyee, ceremony at the PNE: dance, drums, culture, and beautiful regalia everywhere.

If you are interested in First Nations culture then the Nisga’a are welcoming everybody out to their event today, Feb 4th for an experience.

I had the fortune to be asked to join the celebrations to try and capture it how I could, and also talk about it, and I must say it was very spiritual.

When sitting in the stands, one can feel the difference between the songs, the mood, the interest by the dancers and the drummers, and the pride that they take in each song. It’s really quite unlike most anything else you will ever see in this regard.

Hopefully some of the photographs I have shown you here will interest you in coming out today, from 10-10 at the PNE grounds, hopefully I’ll see you out! Stay tuned for a full recap of the weekend after todays performances.

Head over to the Hobiyee 2012 Ts’amiks Edition facebook page to get the full details of the event.

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