Holy Water Buffalo: a Band Review

Straight from Utah Holy Water Buffalo drove down to play at The Satellite Monday January 9th to close the night. Based on their appearance I thought I was about to listen to a quite folk session from a bunch of out of state hipsters.

To my surprise my face got melted off with this rare rendition of rock and roll they threw at the crowd.

They dominated the stage like they had been there before. Anyone who thought of leaving, upon hearing the intro to their set decided instantly to stay and rock the night into the wee hours. I personally can’t wait until they venture back to L.A.

If you catch them in your neighborhood be sure to flick your rock and roll hair to their rhythmic beat that will be sure to get you on your feet.

Shaka Laka,

Angela Holtzen


Angela Holtzen, a wicket photographer from Los Angeles and friend of Chronicles of Times, has photographed a plethora of local LA bands. The photographs in this article are taken by and courtesy of Angela herself.

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