Hr. 48 of 72hr Fast

Today was much more of an active day than day 1 of the fast. I had school for about 4 hrs, and have just finished cleaning the kitchen. Yes, I’m getting ready for cooking again!

I’m learning lots of things about myself, even after 2 days.

  1. I’m a human being, and I am capable of of not eating for 48hrs so far (hopefully 72).
  2. When I get hungry after not having lunch and my stomach grumbles, thats all mental.
  3. No, I will not flop over and die if I don’t eat. It will be a slow process.
  4. Certain things loose their validity (ie. negativity, grumpyness, hostility, and remedial conversations.)

This morning, while ironing my shirt, I heard my stomach grumbling. This was the first time since I’ve started my fast that I’ve heard my stomach talking to me. Nothing major though, just the morning blues it turns out.

Now, my roomate is sitting next to me with the wrap that he’s just made, smelling of roasted garlic spice and boy oh boy does it smell good. Also, today I sat down at school right next to the pizza lunch going on. I suppose not the best places to sit while on a fast. But, my mind is stronger than that, I will not take the salted nuts he’s just offered me, I will take my stand and wait another day. Yes.

Nothing else really to note here. Slight light headed’ness. Last night I had a headache, but I’ve been getting those lately for some reason. I guess you could say that it was part of the motivation to start the fast. I noticed that today in class, my legs fell asleep when resting on my knee a lot quicker than usual, but I honestly expect such things to happen when I don’t feed my body food, and also that when I walk for a long time the bottoms of my feet hurt a little bit.

So, so far, all is good. I’ve been dreaming of double chocolate cookies all day…

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