The Art of Yuri Elvin

Some artists approach their work like it’s an exact science, perfecting each curve and angle to be symmetrically sound and not out of place. Though that may be true in an abstract sense, Yuri Elvin is far from that. His style looks as though in a fit of rage and emotion he splashed down some paint, glued some canvas, threw some kind of material in there to make it do what he felt, and applied a signature.

I like it.

Photo source: Yuri Elvin |

Photo source: Yuri Elvin |

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Takahashi Yuichi

Born into a samurai family, Takahashi Yuichi (1828-1894) is a descendent of the Hotta Clan. Historical Japanese customs promote calligraphy and painting as indications of class and learning, so when Takahashi became interested in art at an early age, he was sent to the notorious Kanō school to study.

Among Takahashi’s accomplishments are attending the Paris World Exhibition of 1867 and portrait of the Emperor Meiji. He taught at the newly established Kobubijutsu Gakkō (the Technical Fine Arts School), and is considered one of the first painters to adopt oil paints in Japan.

His work exhibits some of the raw simplicity emphasized by the Zen Buddhism philosophy. I enjoy the confident bold strokes, slightly messy (dare I say) lines, and astoundingly plain yet diverse backgrounds.

Still Life – Takahashi Yuichi

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José Parlá

José Parlá is an artist. He’s a painter with a vision, deep history of roots art, a new age sculptor, and most definitely an abstractionist.

His work has appeared around the world in exhibitions in London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Paris.

José works with lines that stretch out from the edge of space, swirling around amidst chaos and frequency.

He studied painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, and The New World School of the Arts in Miami, and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Photo source: José Parlá |

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Minjae Lee

Photo source: Minjae Lee |


When first observing what Minjae Lee does, you think wow. Then you look further into it, and think even more wow. This is what Minjae does.

If you go to Minjae’s website, and look at the about page, you can see a variety of pens, and I highly suspect there is also watercolor there on the originals. So, clearly Minjae is using mixed media. It also looks like it’s done on watercolor paper and who knows what else. Maybe coffee stains?! Continue Reading →

Artist Januz Miralles

Searching through Curioos artist Januz Miralles, who also goes by Nuestra was found.

His work is jaw dropping. It’s mostly done in black and white, with scenes of persons mixed with the smears of distortion or destruction. It really reminds us of our other friend Jaybo Monk’s work we’ve profiled a few times.

Blakbird | Photo source:


unyo | Photo source:


His work touches on life and death. On inanimate and animated beings. It explores the imaginable, as well as the fantasy. Mixing this with wrinkles and drips, and thick brush strokes, this art becomes real, really quick.

Photo source:


increpe | Photo source:


increpe_ | Photo source:


From the best of what we can tell, Miralles uses a combination of acrylic painting on paper or canvas which he then scans and combines with photo manipulation to get some of the images he’s looking for. Something like this would be very beautiful to see a live example of, hoping it wasn’t just a print.

Non-return | Photo source:


Pet | Photo source:


Q | Photo source:


Untitled 012 | Photo source:


We look forward to any future work by this artist, and you can bet we’ll be keeping a close eye on it. Sometimes you see an artist’s work and you realize how solid an image they have made for themselves, and you really wonder where they will go from there. That’s what we see here.

For more information on Januz Miralles head to:

Game Lapse by Jaybo Monk

Jaybo Monk is a man whom you meet and never forget. His honesty and sincerity is what makes his art so pure, so essential.

There have been many late nights where I’ve debated the purpose of art with him; Jaybo always has the romantic stance that art should be created to express what must be expressed. Everything is just secondary.

It’s easy to see this in his work. It’s also easy to see into his minds eye with his work.

Recently, on 16.08.2012 Jaybo created some of the most extraordinary pieces of art I’ve had the pleasure to look at for a solo show at Rook & Raven Gallery / London. They explore white space and shapes with an emphasis on the olympics.I perticularily love how he manages to create a surreal exposé  of the lustful imagination mixed with wild beasts… and the muscle structure.

How do you like them?

Photo source: Jaybo Monk |

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Artist Review: Ashley Joncas

Ashley Joncas is an artist, photographer, editor, fashionista, model, blogger, and overall, badass creative soul. We like Ashley.

Ashley is 20 years old, and I enjoy the web she spins on her blog, her words are mesmerizing.

What I find is the best how her images are frequently washed out a bit, and almost always in black and white, or very damn close to it. Her style is very alley cat style, meow meow foxy with Ramones bangs. It’s a good dig.

Photo Credit: Ashley Joncas


Photo Credit: Ashley Joncas


Photo Credit: Ashley Joncas


Photo Credit: Ashley Joncas


Photo Credit: Ashley Joncas


Photo Credit: Ashley Joncas


For more of her style, more of her photographs, more of her, head over to her blog: Purely Couture and More. (ps. it’s a good idea to do that).



Bret Taylor Solo Art Show

Last night Bret Taylor opened his solo exhibit at The Tipper . It is a neat little spot on Kingsway and Victoria in East Vancouver for a show, where part of a restaurant in the front is booths, and the back opens up in a nice big room for a small band or an art show! Bret was lucky enough to have the lovely Tess McCann host his show for him, take the stress off his hands, and look lovely while doing it!

Bret’s work is pretty interesting, this series he has made really brilliant backgrounds that are topped with what looks like a half cm of clear coat which he then does his white on. It’s a pretty cool thing to look at. Continue Reading →