Canada-China FIPA Trade Deal

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The Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) is an agreement between China and Canada which aims at overthrowing the current business and governmental structure in one foul swooping sweep of protection Stephen Harper feels foreign investors deserve. Continue Reading →

Canada-China Investment Treaty 60 Second Briefing

Mr. Speaker, here is your 60 second briefing on the Canada-China investment treaty, the most significant treaty of its kind since NAFTA.

I requested a technical briefing from the Minister of International Trade on September 27. I got it one hour ago, so I can update folks. Continue Reading →

Thomas Mulcair’s Response to FIPA

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I am writing you because you have expressed concern about the Canada – China Foreign Investment Agreement (FIPA).

As you have noted, this deal changes Canada’s long standing policy of ensuring public disclosure and transparency in arbitrations. This deal could have negative effects on the ability of Canadian governments to set policies in the public interest and exposes Canadian taxpayers to expensive litigation and damages. It also fails to achieve full reciprocity for Canadian investors. Continue Reading →

Peter Julian’s Opposition to FIPA

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Dear neighbours,

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with Peter Julian over the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) as well as your opposition to the Nexen takeover bid by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).

Thank you for being so many voicing your concerns on these deals! Please know that the New Democrats are actively opposing both of these deals.

On the CNOOC takeover bid of Nexen, we regret that our call for a thorough, transparent, and public review of this $15.1 billion transaction is being ignored. Now that there has been a 30-day extension, we believe that the Conservatives must use this time to consult with Canadians. Continue Reading →

The Launch of Tangoo Nights in Vancouver

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October 18th was the launch of a local events group called Tangoo (rhymes with dew). I was asked to join them to capture the event with my camera, and enjoy in some of the fun as well!

It was actually a pretty interesting experience, going to three different local establishments and feeling each’s respective vibe. Continue Reading →

Vancouver Burlesque Centre’s First Anniversary

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Vancouver burlesque stars Lola Frost, Cherry On-Top, and Burgundy Brixx one year ago had a vision to create something they had been all collectively thinking about. The dream was to build a place to share their burlesque with the world. They dreamed of their own studio where they could teach their own classes on sass. Something most dance studios shy away from, or teach it with instructors who don’t dance burlesque themselves. What these three women offer is more than a dance class. They offer their hearts. Read their schedule to get an idea of what they do. It’s really no joke. Continue Reading →

Dinosaurs by Bret Taylor

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Bret Taylor of Howyadoin Graphics hosted his third solo show [see the last one I attended] [with the help of his agent] called Dinosaurs. If you ask me, the show was a success, but that’s not my duty to define. Most of his works sold out immediately before I arrived there, the place was filled with many admiring fans, and he was a happy camper.

It was held in a Cambie and 4th Ave artist space that fit the atmosphere perfectly. One of my favorite pieces was his Velociraptor, which ironically was one of the 3 pieces that hadn’t sold by the time I got there. He has a very interesting way of keeping the background very prominent, while pulling attention into the foreground, the main attraction of the work.

Will you be at Bret’s next event? I hope you head to his website to make sure you don’t miss his next one! If not for the fun time, go for the to support the art!

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Photo source: Ned Tobin |


Photo source: Ned Tobin |


Photo source: Ned Tobin |


For the full set of images, head to Ned Tobin’s fotoblog.

Canada’s Environmental Assessment Act 2012

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I’ve recently been fed an article from the Vancouver Sun discussing Canada’s decision to alter some of the rules for its Environmental Assessment Act, becoming official on July 6, 2012. I won’t regurgitate what has already been spilled there, but I will offer some insight into what our government’s policies are.

Reading something like this Vancouver Sun article makes it nearly impossible to let it slide without saying something. We Canadians are passive about a lot of things, but our environment we should not be passive about. We, the entire population of the world, should take absolute measures to promote planet earth’s safe growth, health, and happiness. Continue Reading →

Vancouver’s Pecha Kucha Night #22 @ Vogue Theatre

We sent our representative, Renata Duran to photograph PNK #22, Vancouver’s Night of inspiration, which looks like it was a great sensation.

Every single time they keep selling the place out, as they did at 21, 20, 19…. Have they ever not?

The lineup had Hannah Georgas  opening, and then the following presenters:
Adam Schelle & Kev Holloway – Playground
Angus McAllister – McAllister Opinion Research
Chris Diplock – Vancouver Tool Library
Comfort Adesuwa Ero – African Stages Association of BC
Jen Sung – Out in Schools
Jorge Amigo – #bemyamigo
Josue Menjivar – Fresh Brewed Illustration
Ken Lyotier – United We Can
Lisa Moore – Rhizome Cafe and Rhizome Movement-Building Centre
Mina Shum – Thoughts From the Asylum Productions
Paul Lacerte – BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres

Here’s some photos from the event.