Prime Minister Looks for a “Streamlined Fashion” to Export Canada’s Natural Resources

The Northern Gateway Pipeline Project is a tragedy to Canada, an absolute tragedy.

What is the proposition? To create a pipeline from Bruderheim, Alberta to Kitimat, British Columbia that sends crude oil to the international shipping port in Kitimat that can quickly, in a “streamlined fashion” get to the greedy Asian markets.

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Adapting to Climate Change in Bolivia

In 2008 Bolivia was hit with some of the worst weather they have seen in half a century, inflicted by El Niño/La Niña-Southern Oscillation, destroying most of the crops, disrupting some 123,748 households and killing 74 people  in late April. To show some size representation, this represented about 20% of the total population of the country. The Damage and Loss Assessment came in at around $511 million, which is no small matter.  Nearly half of the losses came to the agriculture sector, which fairly obviously feeds the country, not to mention their exported materials to around the world. Continue Reading →

Six Months After March 11, 2011’s Tsunami in Japan


On March 11, 2011 a 9.0 scale earthquake hit Japan, triggering a Tsunami that devestated most of the shoreline of Japan. However, relentless cleaning efforts have brought at least the surface destruction under some control. The damage, no doubt, runs much deeper and longer in the blood of the citizens of Japan, and throughout the world for that matter.

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A Rant on Capitalism

This rant is brought to you by James Tobin, an experienced investor and retired university professor who has many years of knowledge in economics.


My argument today will focus on the dismal effects of a liberalized fascist ideology. Where the state takes from society to beef up the bottom lines of large multi-national corporations. This wrong brained theory allows that the corporations will, in all their benevolence, look after and carefully husband the resources that have been wrestled into their control for the betterment of the people.

As previous owners of the forests through crown corporations we, the people, had ownership but now very large tracts of crown land are offered as transfer, to sweeten the deal for the new private owners, who can be foreigners.

National jewels in mining such as Inco, McMillan Bloedel, Potash Corporation are/were extremely valuable properties which other nations lacking resources are only too happy to exchange bits of paper for in order to control. The real goods that these commodity corporations produce will be in ever increasing demand as billions of individuals leave the farm and head toward the cities where housing, stores and factories demand real goods, to build and to run. Continue Reading →

London Riots: Hackney, Croyden, et. al. Part II; The Follow-up

Recently BBC has released their stats on the riots in London, which have come as quite surprising to me, if nothing else, quite revealing.

As of Aug 11, 2011, they are claiming that there has been more nearly 2500 arrests made all across England, 922 alone in London, with only 56 of them being charged so far.

Their stats show that nearly 70% of the people charged are between the ages 15-24. Simply astounding. Such kids getting so aggressive, which possibly explains the poor fellow that lost his life to a police bullet.

But, not all is lost to the mayhem, and like other silly riots, a great effort has been made by what would seem the more sophisticated part of the society to help aid in the rehabilitation. Continue Reading →

Doug Stanhope: Voice of America – ABORTION IS GREEN

With hope this doesn’t come off as to shocking, you’ve been warned, Doug is very…vocal.

Having children has been instilled in nearly everybody alive today since birth. It’s the nuclear family, it’s traditioinally the point of marriage, but many would argue that logic is slowly changing from the romantic Catholic ideas to more of a progressive, loving ideal of union.

Watch, love, laugh. It’s awesome.

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Update


It appears that there are a few events that really don’t favor mankind at all that are occurring in Japan right now.

With regards to the plant itself, as one would expect from such an organization such as Tokyo Electric’s (TEPCO), who run Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, we are experiencing a layer of secrecy and deceit, with the true details trickling out slowly.

From World Nuclear News (WNN) on May 16, 2011: “Investigations at unit 1 at Fukushima Daiichi suggest that most of the fuel in the reactor core melted and dropped to the bottom of the reactor vessel in the early stages of the accident. Work has started on installing a structure to cover the damaged reactor building. ”

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Japan’s Nuclear Disaster: An Update

As I write this, on May 18, 2011 news about Japan’s nuclear situation, with regards to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is re-surfacing. After writing about the misconception most people have about nuclear power plants , and the hysteric fear people assume because of calculated slandering by invested interests, I feel obligated to provide an update to the situation at hand.

It appears that there are a few events that really don’t favor mankind at all that are occurring in Japan right now. Continue Reading →