Architectural Abstractions of Martin Golland

Martin Golland - Billboard - 2012

I immediately think of Paul Cézanne, the master Post-Impressionist, when I see the work of Martin Golland; his directional hatching / brush strokes create depth and volume. This is something which Cézanne explored, some may even say pioneered.

What strikes me as beautiful in the works is Gollands choice of pallet. I enjoy the natural feeling of the colours, they seem to fit together in the paintings to create a feeling of natural blending, rather than abstract or surreal contrasts that don’t mimic what we actually see in the real world. So, in this respect again, Golland follows the leads given by the Impressionists by painting what he sees of his romantic surroundings in his own eyes, rather than exactly replicating the way it looks like a photograph.

Martin Golland - Facade - 2010

Martin Golland – Facade – 2010

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Photographer Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries has found a way to capture some of the most emotional and spiritual iconographic images I have ever seen. Yes, he does it well. Mostly in black and white, he focuses on homeless; people with skin so textured, with fingernails permanently stained, with scars and wild eyes… Lee Jeffries takes photographs of people who have so much character and definition that stories instantly flow forth from the photographs he takes.

Make no bones about it, the photographs are portraits. They’re close cropped, shallow depth, superbly lit, mostly black background, slightly vignetted images that talk about history in one single shutter release.

lee jeffries - 3

Photo source: Lee Jeffries |

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The Photography of Neave Bozorgi aka. Sir Neave

Neave Bozorgi, or Sir Neave as he commonly refers to himself is based in LA, and he likes Nutella. That much I do know about this photographer.

His work is graceful, I find the photograph with the dancer on her toes is a perfect way to sum up his work. You can see the grain of the wall behind, the rawness of it, and the perfect detail and lighting on the body. It’s casually organized but perfectly simple. Also, his use of stunningly beautiful models definitely helps his work.

A lot of the photographs are in black and white, the bio on his website says “Dream in color, shoot in black and white.”  This is a good choice Sir Neave.

Photo source: Neave Bozorgi |

Photo source: Neave Bozorgi |

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The Photography of David Burton

It is hard to begin with David Burton. His work is beautiful, if I had to pick one word to describe it. It’s lit very naturally, it is fashion without trying, it is class, sensuality, and presence all mixed into a palette of browns and earths and splashes of sun kissed colour. It can also be just black and white.

Photo source: David Burton |

Photo source: David Burton |

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Guy Aroch

Some photographers get it. They get colour, they get fashion, they get frame, they get style, they get mood, they get love.

Guy Aroch gets it. His photographs have a personality of their own. They speak without an introduction. They capture your breath before you know what has just happened. His website, on the other hand, I don’t like.

His work is featured everywhere. His models are also featured everywhere.

I like his work for it’s brown/yellow feeling it gives. I also like how most of his photographs have something in the frame that blurs the photograph a little bit, making it just that much more dreamy. I guess it also has a 70s feeling to it because of this. Imagine big leafed tropical plants and shag carpets and wood paneling…


Photo credit: Guy Aroch | <em><strong>guyaroch</strong>.com</em>

Photo credit: Guy Aroch |

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The Art of Yuri Elvin

Some artists approach their work like it’s an exact science, perfecting each curve and angle to be symmetrically sound and not out of place. Though that may be true in an abstract sense, Yuri Elvin is far from that. His style looks as though in a fit of rage and emotion he splashed down some paint, glued some canvas, threw some kind of material in there to make it do what he felt, and applied a signature.

I like it.

Photo source: Yuri Elvin |

Photo source: Yuri Elvin |

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The Photography of Martin D Barker

Martin D Barker is a fashion and fine art photographer. He bases himself out of the UK and USA: New York, Glasgow, London. Basically, a dream job.

His work is filled with fashion, think similar to Black Milk, except it’s Abandon Ship styles, a UK brand with a similar feel… streetwear I guess one would call it.

I like this style. It’s edgy with a 90s Bowie feel. It’s androgynous and still bad enough to light fires in the desert with.

I think the photograph I first saw that made me fall in love with Martin’s work was this one, where the girl stands in the background with her hands raised up, and the boy standing the foreground enjoying life. Looming in the near distance is a GIANT waterfall.


Photo source: Martin D Barker |

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The Photographic Art of Hiroshi Nonami

Most people just take photographs. They sit around and discuss equipment, proper care and handling techniques, and the latest from their favorite camera manufacturer.

The difference between them and Hiroshi Nonami is that Hiroshi makes that process an art form.


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Ellen von Unwerth

Ellen von Unwerth has a style that makes you want to get down and tighten the oil plug on an old ’54 Mercury while wearing 6 inch stilettos and pinstripe skirt with a corset and matching hair piece. She’s dirty but classy. She’s epic in her scenes, and she’s filled with passion.

Ellen was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1954. She started her career as a fashion model herself for 10 years before she decided it was time to get on the other side of the camera. Now she produces her own variety of… well… erotic fashion oozing with femininity.

I first became fascinated with Ellen when I had a peak at the book Revenge she published in 2003, an epic battle between heirs, playgirls, and playboys entirely in black and white.

(Women) are not just there to be admired, they are there to be enjoyed. – Ellen Von Unwerth

Photographer: Ellen von Unwerth

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Emma Sweeney

From studying Emma Sweeney‘s work, one understands a few things.

First, Emma has a very keen sense of what it takes to portray soft, bliss like, Garden of Eden-esque photographs. Each of her photographs gives the feeling of floating in something like a fairy tale, wings and balloons and soft spoken words. Don’t get me wrong, her photographs also have a bit of ruthless in them too, just a little bit.

The viewer also understands Emma likes to use rather muted earthly tones. Most of her photographs blend with light olives and tans. Perhaps this could be a result of so much skin in her photographs.. No complaints here.

Emma has graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins, a College of Art and Design specializing in photography, after which she worked with Nick Knight.

Photo source: Emma Sweeney |

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