Journey Down the Oregon Coast: Highway 101

The Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful drives my car wheels have ever rolled me to. Coming down from Canada, I passed through the border cross with actually pleasure. The border crossing guard recommended to me to head to the coast at Kelso-Longview exit, and that is exactly what I did. It seems to me, now that I’ve looked at a map, that that was the best route to take. This way, I was able to drive along the inlet, and go through Astoria, which were both very scenic.

I was lucky that I had nice clear skies for most the route, which allowed me to stop and take pictures at almost every pullout! So many beautiful views of the scenic coastline that made one just want to stop and breathe in to understand the true severity of life on this planet, if that can even be comprehended.

The first night was spent in a little hotel with a stunning view right on the ocean, in Lincoln City. I was mesmerized by the sunset I got.

The next night I rolled into San Francisco late at night, and had booked a hotel with price line, which concluded my trip along the Oregon Coast.

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