Kooznetz @ Tom Lee Studios

I was invited by a classmate to come check out his band, Kooznetz play the Tom Lee music space downtown Vancouver on Granville Street on Friday the 13th. A great evening for a metal show if I may say so myself!

These boys were up to the task.

The came out with fury, shredding their Marshall stacks with their Ibanez guitars like seasoned veterans.

They played a few songs that I could recognize as covers. The first one was  Rasputin by Boney M, which got the crowd stomping around like Russian guards on fire. They finished the night with Seek & Destroy by Metallica, which was f’n awesome. That song got me feeling  the tingles all over my body with excitement. I love when songs do that.

Their set list was grueling and fast. Filled with killer solos, heavy riffs, fat bass, and all at ear bleeding levels that only a true metal fan can appreciate, which is a good thing.

Actually at one point in the show a kid no older than 10yrs was crowd surfing. It was pretty awesome. The crowd did feel like close friends of all the bands that were playing there that night, Kooznetz was the 4th of 4 to play, closing the night with some heavy stuff, not that the other bands didn’t rock it solid, Kooznetz just rocked it at a level above.

I look forward to hearing more from these guys in the future, hopefully they turn things up a notch.

To note, the three opening bands were M16, Device, then Twisted before Kooznetz.

All photos are courtesy of Ned Tobin, you can view the complete set on flickr.

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