London Riots: Hackney, Croyden, et. al. Part II; The Follow-up

Recently BBC has released their stats on the riots in London, which have come as quite surprising to me, if nothing else, quite revealing.

As of Aug 11, 2011, they are claiming that there has been more nearly 2500 arrests made all across England, 922 alone in London, with only 56 of them being charged so far.

Their stats show that nearly 70% of the people charged are between the ages 15-24. Simply astounding. Such kids getting so aggressive, which possibly explains the poor fellow that lost his life to a police bullet.

But, not all is lost to the mayhem, and like other silly riots, a great effort has been made by what would seem the more sophisticated part of the society to help aid in the rehabilitation.

A story of Aaron Biber, a 89 year old Tottenham barber who had his place destroyed in the riots has had a website set up for him that has received to date (0729hrs 2011/08/11) £24,296.64.

Here  is a short clip of Aaron speaking.

Reading on the Telegraph’s website one finds themselves faced with accounts of an 11 year old girl charged with criminal damage, 14 year old boy charged with stealing a bottle of wine, 17 year old dancer giving herself up for stealing two televisions, and 22 year old stealing a PC. One wonders what really is the matter with these kids. Clearly it is obvious they haven’t quite understood the extent to either the damage they have inflicted, or the damage that participating in such an event will do to their lives.

But it leads one to compare these riots to ones in other parts of the country who are rioting because of equal rights, or oppression, and one is tempted to ask what is the difference? Is it just that we don’t really read into the real reasons behind the riots, or is it that we just assume that they are for a good cause, or do we also feel the same way about those riots as we have learned to feel about these ones?

Our previous article that was released shortly after the riots stopped showed some of the damage that occurred, but really makes you wonder if it was any different than the buffoonery witnessed in Vancouver after the Vancouver Canucks lost game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

In the end, one can only hope that faith will prevail and civilized change will be experienced.

From the Telegraph (12.13), there is a quick round up of some of the points announced by the Prime Minister

  • There were not enough police deployed in the first stages of the rioting
  • Police will be given new powers to remove face masks under any circumstances if they think it is being used as part of criminal activity
  • The role of social media in organising disturbances will be reviewed
  • £10 million Recovery Scheme to provide additional support to councils in making areas safe, clean and clear again
  • £20 million high street support scheme to help affected businesses get back up and running quickly
  • Homeowners and businesses will be reimbursed under Riot Damages Act
  • The government will consider new powers to impose curfews and to widen dispersal powers
  • Anyone charged with violent offences should not be bailed onto the streets
  • Government supports the police and does not believe it is the right time to call out the military

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