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A lot of men are on the fence as to what to do, put goop (or paste) in their hair or not. After this major step of jumping into the styled world, where do you go from there? Do you use a gel? or the ol’ hairspray? Or some sort of goop? Should you go old school with some plain ol’ Vaseline?

I’m pretty sure, once you jump into the grooming world, you want to use some sort of goop or paste, unless of course you’re going for the Wall Street, 3 piece suit and tie every day kinda look with a slick for your hair. In which case you’ll want to go for a wax or grease, maybe even a gel would do the trick… but if this is you, chances are you’re not looking for advice from a blog and you’re going into $100 haircut and grooming at the closest salons once a week.

Anyways, I’m going to highlight a few products that I use, or that have been recommended to me by hairdressers so you can know what to do.

1. Sexy Hair’s Short Sexy Hair Frenzy found at Amazon for ~$17… I’m pretty sure its new!

2. Axe Messy Look found on Amazon for ~$23. I use this stuff religiously, so it works perfect for me. Can barely tell most of the time its in there, but it holds my hair in place.

3. Tigi Bed Head Manipulator on Amazon for ~$17. This stuff comes highly recommended and is a little bit lighter.

4. Aveda Control Paste. It runs for ~$25 on Amazon. I read a few blog posts to get this one recommended to me, but it sounds like its pretty good stuff. They say it smells nice.

5. Chi Twisted Fabric finishing paste goes for ~$8 on Amazon, so its the cheapest of them all. Sometimes I find that the simplest cases sometimes have the best products. This one definitely has the simplest case…

6. I don’t think I could feel right without doing some American Crew Defining Paste. Its on Amazon for ~$13 as well. I used this stuff before, not the defining paste, and it was to shiny and oily for me after a long day of work. So I stopped using

7. And the last, but not least expensive is the Redken Maneuver Working Wax. It weighs in at ~$32, so its a heavy hitter. It comes recommended as a product that you can still run your hand through your hair and not feel greasy. This is a good thing that most girls enjoy.

So, thats what I got. Can anybody else recommend some great products? I’m curious to start trying out some more.

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