Monthly Joint Series by Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin released an album called Monthly Joint Series, which was made in the year 2009 from the bastard children of his then current album he had underway. Each song stands on its own, as a valiant soldier marching forth into the industrial wreckage ready to reek salvation upon the land. I guess, as legend has it, Amon released a song a month digitally, which fans ate up ravenously.

It’s what you’d come to expect from Amon Tobin, filled with futuristic sounds, traditional beats, and much bass.



The track listings are:

  1. Delpher
  2. Shut Down
  3. It’s A Lovely Night
  4. Eight Sum
  5. At Work
  6. Technique
  7. Dualistic
  8. Twelvses
  9. Hey Mr. Tree
  10. Trickstep
Shut Down

Shut Down

Shutdown is a very fast, beat that goes from intense activation to heavily contrasting peace in a matter of seconds, gearing the listener up for adventure.

Eight Sum has got some beautifully placed almost tribal chanting, but more M.I.A. type background vocals. Its a fast paced song that gets LOUD. Love it.

When Technique came on I had to crank my headphones to much louder the first time I heard it. It makes you want to feel the shaking. It makes you want more. A rare talent that Amon Tobin has the capacity to wield.

Trickstep puts on the marching shoes and heads right out into battle, with constant determination and killer side steps visualizing momentary movement in large machines.

eight sum

eight sum

I really love when Amon Tobin puts in instantaneous glimpses of heavy industrial bass like massive swinging arms that nearly swipe you out of the way. All his music has that.

The cool thing about this album, as you’ve seen, is the images that come with it. Each one of them is it’s own dream space, it’s own galaxy.


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