Self Portrait by Bob Dylan

 Bob Dylan‘s Self Portrait is one album that seriously oozes with cool and swagger, and has stood the test of time as a great album; relevant even today.

It starts off with All the Tired Horses. It’s a great piece of harmony, sung by women of beautiful chorus. This slowly turns into Alberta #1, that grooves an inescapable rag time shuffle down the street.

I learned to love Bob Dylan, and this album, while living in Alberta, which I feel gave me a connection to this particular album.

Bob has, and will always remain an inspiration for me. I’m a fan of Jimi Hendrix, who, it is a known fact, was a giant fan of Bob Dylan. This basically solidified my love for the two, mutually.

Days of 49 is another great tune. Filled with some buzzing sound, I like to think when Jimi Hendrix took out his wax paper kazoo in his famous studio sessions, he was trying to replicate that sound.

Early Mornin’ Rain just smells of a Spanish siesta. So smooth.

The rawness of Dylan’s acoustic work always transfixes me, and it’s very evident why many people had a hard time respecting the fact that he moved into more electric band arrangements in his later albums, which came under great criticism.

I like the lyrics of Little Sadie “and I went to bed with a 44 smokeless under my head.” Such a great line.

His version of Blue Moon, I’m certain, is much more eerie and romantic than Elvis’s (yes Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart were the original song writers). I think it’s the way Bob recorded his tracks. Theres a wave in his voice, and the guitar, which make it his own.

He also does a version of The Boxer, by Simon and Garfunkel, which I suspect has one of them on it singing with him, for it’s a two part vocal appearance. It’s great.

Quinn The Eskimo is a fun track, with a very signature Dylan sound. Bringing a bit more of that larger band sound into his music.

Take A Message To Mary is a great song too. It sounds to me like the girl(s) that are on the opening track, All The Tired Horses, sing in this one at the start, which I enjoy greatly.

Wigwam is another song that has a Spanish or Mexican feel to it, clearly because of the horn.

Such a great album, such a great artist, by no means is this his best or worst, or anywhere in between, they are all great. Get yourself a copy of Self Portrait ASAP.

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