Spam Oh How I Hate You

Dear spammers,

Honestly, what do you think that you are accomplishing? Do you really think that you are gaining some traffic from doing such spamming? Hmm. Maybe you are… But does it translate into customers that click through and make you money? Do people actually not look at the content keeping it on their websites, or do they immediately delete it from their website? Really now, what is your purpose on this planet?

Further more, do you think that anybody in their right mind clicks on the links that you post, or spam us with? Do you feel happy at the end of the day knowing you have scared somebody so much about the use of their computer that it severely hinders all progress in gaining customer satisfaction on the internet? Is that your goal?

It’s people like you that make me not proud to be a human. The disgusting filth that prays on the unsuspecting by cruel means; taking their hard earned money for good causes they think they are supporting, or completely unsuspecting victims to forgery or identity theft.

Further more, you pollute the internet with crap and garbage that dilutes any great webpage from getting across its relevant information into a site riddled with bugs and garbage.

If you haven’t got the point yet: take a hike, get lost, find twigs to break somewhere in the dessert. Do something productive, and beneficial to man kind with your time and you will be rewarded much more greatly by the spoils of your effort.

Finally, do you really feel that spamming your product makes your product stand out above the rest? Because I really do feel that it highly degrades your product, and that if I had a choice between a product I’ve been spammed about, or another product, I’d be way more inclined to choose the other product.

With hate,


I’ve recently been spammed galore on one of my sites. The site is dedicated to health, exercising, mind issues like psychology and positive thinking. Yet, somebody felt that I needed to see “Virtual Life Like Sex Dolls”. I wish I could say this was cute, but it really isn’t at all. It’s rather annoying and stupid that I have to deal with such a thing.

If you are a spammer, why do you do it? If you’re not, does it annoy you as much as me?

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