Studying: A Break

Right now, it’s the middle of midterm exam season, which is great. The time of the semester where you check yourself into reality, and realize that yes, you haven’t been looking at the text books, and yes, you need to really focus now.

This mean time to turn off Facebook, Twitter, log off wordpress, stop rebloggin on tumblr, etc. etc.

It’s the middle of midterm exam season and I’m not refusing any of these social media outlets. Why you may ask? What I have learned about myself is if something is on my mind, if I’m getting distracted by it and don’t do anything about it, it just continues to well up on my mind and takes over any capacity to learn the material I’m trying to. This is a bad thing when you’re trying to learn… clearly.

So what do I do? I take care of these little things one at a time as they each come to me. I’ll go onto facebook and check to see if I have any new pressing matters to check in on. I’ll go check twitter to see whose yelling at me, and after a minute or two, I’ll begin to realize that nope, nothing urgent has happened since I looked on here an hour ago, and I’ll close it up and get back to studying.

For me, this usually takes about 5 minutes to do, and I’m back at studying. Except tumblr, that can go on forever.. that’s a dangerous beast one must watch out for! But for the majority of issues that come to my mind; little ideas, things to do tomorrow, appointments I have in a week… I can just write them all down on a little list in less than a minute, and carry on with studying, not ignoring any of the thoughts that come to my mind, as well as getting right back at more efficient studying.


So what do I do now that it’s the middle of exam season? I get back to studying, this has been a great 5 minutes 🙂

2 Thoughts on “Studying: A Break

  1. Hey There!

    I came across your post while browsing wordpress and couldn’t help but agree with everything you’ve said! Also I enjoy the fact you managed to spend your 5 minute diversion doing something productive with your time! Not that you would need it from the sounds of things (you know how to study correctly!) But maybe one of your friends might find my own blog of some interest?


    And I hope the mid-terms went o.k!


    Director of HR,
    CBA Solutions

  2. Thanks Tim, I appreciate the support. I heard a while ago about productive procrastination. Found it a very interesting thing to keep in mind when you’re… procrastinating! I wrote an article on it here if you’re interested.

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