Mignonette by The Avett Brothers

The album Mignonette by the Avett Brothers is undoubtedly a great album. These guys have amazed me since I first heard A Carolina Jubilee many years ago.

I once heard a quote from these guys: “If we don’t leave the stage covered in sweat, then we haven’t put ourselves into our show.” I’m not sure if they still feel the same since they’ve become bigger, signed by Sony, worked with Rick Ruben, and toured the world a few times by now, but they still give me the same sweet sensation whenever I hear their music.

To me the Avett Brothers signify good music. Layered with banjo, double bass (standup), easy percussions, soulful guitar, and sometimes the piano, this music just…. Yes, is the best thing in the world.

This album, Mignonette, starts off with the cd title track in a sentimental version, which somewhat sets the mood for the whole album. Although it immediately kicks into a somewhat more upbeat song right away with Nothing Short of Thankful, the whole album cuts into very… sentimental corners throughout the entirety.

Songs like Signs ring forever in my ears with Scott and Seth Avett’s harmonies.  It’s just something extraordinary that cannot be faked.

My favorite is how they always have songs starting with ‘Pretty Girl from…” or “Pretty Girl at… ”

Please Pardon Yourself is just a meander through a valley with a girl on your arm. Pleasant and pleasing, there is nothing more enjoyable to me than to hear the Avett Brothers pluck those strings and sing this kind of a song. They caress the emotionalism with every bite, and do it good at that. I cannot stress how much they rule.

The Day Marvin Gaye Died is another great song. Really, they are all finger licking good songs if you haven’t got the point yet.

The Avett Brothers play on a never ending loop in my head. They play acoustic songs, that are more empowering than most electrified acts can even dream about. They can stop in an instant and give you the feeling of looking up in the middle of a mosh pit covered in sweat for a few glimpsing moments of bliss, and then just as quickly kick the double bass of Bob Crawford kicks in and gets you hopping around once more like the heat of a bluegrass jubilee.

Check out the record and let me know how you enjoy it!

One Thought on “Mignonette by The Avett Brothers

  1. The Avett Brothers, believe us!
    We always like you,
    Whether watch your concerts,
    Or only a video.
    Your music is so intense!
    Wish to see you,
    In any concert that take place,
    Our love is that of Romeo.
    However how pricy are tickets!
    We got’ em in cheap price!

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