TOMS Cordones

So, its time I get myself a new pair of shoes I think, and I just got interested in TOMS shoes from @elim_chu, also found at The Style Seen. Apparently she just got her new shoes. She hasn’t blogged about it yet, but I suspect she will soon.

I read up a bit on TOMS and apparently they are doing a thing where every pair of shoes that you buy from them, for the time being, they will donate a pair to a person in need of shoes. Quite a valiant thing to do for a shoe company, I hope they are actually doing it.

I’m undecided between which pair I would like though, first up is the Brown Waxed Twill Men’s Cordones:

I like the brown color. I love the toes on their shoes. Simply awesome.

The next on the feet is TOMS Cortazar Cordones:

I think the Cortazar’s are what I will go with, just because for casual I’m more of a black guy.

Next is their Martinez Cordones:

Oh such decisions. Which ones do you like best?

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