Unintended Calculations @ Becker Galleries

On March 4, 2011 at 6pm Becker Galleries opened their space for Unintended Calculations, a show being curated by the talented Indigo showcasing artists from around the world. I had the fortune to be invited to the VIP opening of the show, and I was blown away by the artwork and the artists themselves.

Augustine Kofie is the LA representative. His work is stunning. The circles, and lines that come out  take your breath away. The style that Kofie has developed stems from drafting, but holds stiff roots from his long career in street art. Looking at his work is immediately inspiring. When you’re up and close to it, it has a feel of being like a delicate piece of cloth that has been stored for ages, and brought out radiating.

This stuff needs to see much much more light.

In talking with Augustine, it really made me aware of how limiting ‘acrylic on canvas’ is as an artist. Who says art must stick to strictly this? Or ‘oil on canvas’.. same applies. It reminds me of how, in any trade or skill aquired, you start to look at the world evaluating it in entirely new ways. “How can I use this piece” or “Oh thats a perfect shot for a photo.” I like this idea.





Scott Sueme is the local Vancouver BC fella. His work was brilliant. The work he can do free hand with a spray can is stunning. Three of his pieces were done on brushed aluminum. They are some serious pieces.




Jerry Inscoe‘s work made me smile, and still does. Jerry is from Washington DC, and his work is tight. It’s not the color that attracts me, but the tiny slivers of color that extend in the perfect places. How the color translates mid-line into another color tranfixes me.





Last, but most definately not least in the show, was Londoner Remi/ROUGH. Talking to Remi made me realize how everybody makes what they want out of a piece of art. The artist may just be opening their mind to what flows from within, while the viewer may try and associate themselves with certain shapes upon the piece.

Remi is a perfect mix of controlled exactness and flashy provocation. Some of his pieces just invite me to wonder what lies beneath; semi covered up wonders.




All photos courtesy of Ned Tobin

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