Up From Below by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros are a very tasteful band. Their creativity makes me feel like I’m flowing through some sort of magical mystery, with only floral patterns, old tea cups, and phonographs. To be short, I like the album Up From Below. Rather, I love it.

From Wikipedia, we learn the band consists of many people. To much to list. But the album! Oh the album. Up From Below is a great one, i suggest you get it. For the record, their lead singer is not named Edward Sharpe, he is all of Alex Ebert.

It has a feel to it that’s fun, enjoyable, yet really roots. It has tambourines at the perfect time, horns that complete the show, chorus’s that are catchy, and backing vocals that completely fit always. Clearly with a band so big you have many opportunities to do great things.

One of my favorites songs is Home. It has such a great vibe, feeling of love, sweetheart romance, and budding spring time. Watching this video makes me understand so much.

The band really gives off a loving feeling. Hurt mixed with understanding, hug me kind of vibe. Desert Song is a more lonely song. Eerie and spooky, but reminiscing. Very enjoyable. As is Brother. Makes me feel of heartache, but hope.

Black Water just hits me deep inside. Like I’m spending time wandering through the garden in a momentary waltz. You know that feeling when the sun is coming down, and butterflies are all around? Of course bare feet are involved.

Simplest Love seems to explain everything. Kisses Over Babylon is like a Gypsy ballad, or marching song. Somber, yet inviting. Intriguing you can guarantee.

I read from their website how Up From Below took them a year and a half to make. That is kind of a long time for an album, but clearly it shows in the album. It doesn’t have one thing that’s wrong with it, in this writers opinion.

So I ask you, have you heard of them? Do you appreciate their music? They are on the list of my favorites now.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have a new album that is now out, called Alexander. I eagerly await getting my hands on that for a listen!

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