500 Photographers

Every so often you come across a website that makes your jaw drop. Then, you see a link at the bottom that refers you to their reference. You go to that website, and find another link that refers you to their reference. In the world of internet, where everybody feels the need to write another article about something they’ve read online, this is just the way it goes.

My chain went like this: Visual New’s Outsiders: Beautiful Portraits of the Overlooked.

Where I saw this photograph (among many others) taken by Pierre Gonnord.

Photo Credit: Pierre Gonnord

Following links, I landed at a nearly identical article, clearly copied almost word for word by Visual News, at Sweet Sensation also on Pierre Gonnord.

Photo Credit: Pierre Gonnord

The links did not stop here, though the copying did.

From here, the viewer is directed towards a website called 500 Photographers.

On this website, obviously, is a display (still counting) of 500 photographers the author deems amazing. I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly.

The latest (#455) is Neil Krug with some photographs from his Pulp Art Book.

Photo Credit: Neil Krug

The next photographer, #454, is Manabu Yamanaka with some images from a mixture of his series’, this one taken from his Jyoudo series.

Photo Credit: Manabu Yamanaka

#453 is Deborah Luster, who has done a few series of very authentic American tragedies, this one taken from her One Big Self series on 3 American prisons surrounding New Orleans.

Photo Credit: Deborah Luster

#452 is a photographer from Brazil named Julio Bittencourt who has captured some very ‘behind the scenes’ insight into a world pushing the boundaries of squatter towns and drug dealers. This photograph is from his Citizen X series.

Photo Credit: Julio Bittencourt

In showing these photographs, I hope to illuminate the quality of work that each of the photographers do, and also the beautiful nature of the website 500 Photographers, and how well they’ve captured the essence of inspiring photography.

I nearly forgot the whole reason why I made it to that page in the first place was to find the source of the images of Pierre Gonnord!

How do you enjoy the images? Are they too raw?

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