So You Wanna Be A Writer

So you wanna be a writer.

And with being a writer comes learning to write. Gets your tenses correct. Knowing where to put your prepositions at. All that good stuff. Once you can write clean, compelling copy, it should be a cake walk… right?


Because unless your grand ambition is to have your grandmother and her knitting circle tell you how * wonderful* you are… at some point you gotta learn about the business. Because if you don’t, you’re going to waste a lot of time blundering around like a buffalo in a bookstore.

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A Message from Pro-Privacy MP Peter Julian Re: Bill C-11

Recently, we signed and sent a petition off to our local MP to voice our concerns with The Copyright Modernization Act Bill C-11. The following is the response, which I was very happy to read and encouraged by it’s message.

Dear neighbours,

Thank you all for writing and raising your serious concerns regarding Bill C-11 and Bill C-30. My office as well as the offices of my NDP colleagues have received hundreds of emails and letters in opposition to these Bills. First, please know that we share the concerns of many Canadians who oppose legislation relating to lawful access, ACTA, digital locks, and SOPA. NDP Copyright and Digital Issues critic Charlie Angus and NDP Public Safety critic Jasbir Sandhu are taking the lead on these issues.

We have been fighting Bill C-30 with all of our vigour and energy and have continued to defend digital rights for Canadians in Bill C-11 and push for better access.

Many Canadians feel the same way you do, in fact I have encountered those who voted Conservative last time around, saying now they do not believe these Bills were what they voted for and had they known the Conservatives were bringing them forward, they would never have supported the Conservatives in the last election. Continue Reading →