A La Porte

Served tonight on my camping gear was a portobello explosion. I managed to do it all on my pint sized pots designed for compactness, and not for extravagances like I think my cooking is!

To begin the ordeal, rice goes into pot to bring to a boil, then simmer for 15 min (yes I have white jasmine rice) with equal amounts of water to rice, rinse the rice a few times before to get rid of some of the shells etc.

I can’t help taking a few seconds to contemplate the logic of wasting water to rinse rice….. hmm… Is this the fight I should start?

Wash the vegetables chosen for this gourmet delight, which are portobello mushrooms, green pepper, tomato, onion, and garlic.

Portos are sliced into equal slices, tomatoes are diced into chunks, onions are chopped into small bits, as is the garlic and green peppers.

Put the portos into the frying pan, with some butter for extra taste, I used extra virgin olive oil and put the heat on medium. Add the onions and garlic shortly after, or even at the same time.

I used some ground ginger, coriander, and poppy seeds, which I add now.

After this has fried for a short while add the green peppers to give them a little softening and finally the tomatoes at the very end to warm them up a little. I like my tomatoes to stay fresh still in my dishes.

As the frying finalizes, it should be timed perfect with the rice, and both should come to fruition at nearly the same time.

Love to hear how this turns out for you, and remember to eat with chop sticks!

3 Thoughts on “A La Porte

  1. Hehe I would totally make this at home! I don’t understand why people WOULDN’T wash their rice. You would wash everything else you cook wouldn’t you? Oh god, I hope that’s a yes.

    • Haha. The next paragraph starts by saying wash the rest of the veges! Don’t worry, I wash everything. I understand that just touching some of the stuff should be reason enough to wash your hands with all the pesticides laced on them. That, and I don’t use bags to put my veges in, so when I’m going through checkout, they’re rolling everywhere. =)

    • I was everything else, I think I mentioned that at the start! 🙂 It is a delicious dish! Thanks for your interest. I’d love to hear a review!

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